Making Choices

I’ve always stressed to the girls that they are constantly making choices.  They are continuously deciding what to where, what to do, who to befriend, how to act…well, I’m sure you get the picture.  As a mother, I can only hope that they are choosing to listen to my words and think about what I am telling them.   Every once in a while, I’m lucky to get a little glimpse as to what seeps in. 

This morning, Shaun took it upon himself to wake Mimi up as she had people to see and places to be.  Now some sweet and caring fathers would chose to softly speak or perhaps even gently shake a sleeping child.  Unfortunately for Mimi, that’s not quite Shaun’s style.  He’s more of the ilk to rip the covers off, use a nearby cat tail to tickle the nose, or perhaps a finger in the ear and of course, obnoxious singing.

Not too surprisingly, Mimi was in quite the foul mood when she finally crawled out of bed.  She announced at the top of her lungs to anyone that would listen (including some confused neighbors out walking their dog) that she was going to be in a horrible mood all day long, and it was all her dad’s fault  because of how he had woken her up.

KT looked up from what she was doing and philosophically told her sister that she could make the choice to be in a bad mood all day long or she could chose to let it go and have a good day. 

Mimi glared for a moment before rudely screaming “Shut Up KT!”  (Ah, the joys of living with teenage siblings)

KT merely smirked and said “Well, I guess she’s made her choice”.

It’s good to know they are listening….


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