We've Got It Covered

I first started hearing the advertisements encouraging people to find that perfect Mother’s Day Gift a couple weeks ago.  Naturally, my first instinct was to promptly panic. Not because I was worried about that perfect something for my mother (even though she left me to head to California and probably doesn’t deserve anything…not that I would ever  pout) but because I had to figure out something for Shaun to get ME.

You see, Shaun decided long ago that he would always get me something wonderful for every gift giving occasion.  Most people would think this is wonderful, but in reality, it’s very stressful for both of us.  The problem is, that…well...I’m really hard to shop for. 

According to most of the ads we’ve been hearing, my hearts desire is fine jewelry.   Sadly, I don’t seem to fit the mode.  I have diamonds and pearls, but I rarely wear them.  They are beautiful, but they don’t satisfy my Inner Magpie.  I have to confess that I  love cheap, sparkly jewelry that I don’t ever have to worry about losing.  ( I still mourn the loss of my emerald earrings that I was given for my 21st birthday).

So I started wracking my brain to come up with some ideas.  My first thought was that I wanted my stainless steel work table and my studio shelves that I had requested for my birthday to be put together.  (I had been dragging my feet on rearranging my room to fit the shelves and deciding if the table was really the one I wanted…have I ever mentioned that I’m not big on change?)

Then, it dawned on me that someday soon the sun will come out (and stay out!) for summer.   I suddenly remembered how much  I really, really wanted tough, waterproof, cushy neoprene seat covers for my Jeep!  (Is it weird to get excited over seat covers???)  Shortly after that, I stumbled across a phone cover that made my heart go pitter-pat, so I put that on my list as well.   I may have put a couple little things on the list just for show, but I think I’ve got my wish list covered. 

Now, I can start to panic about what to get for my mom…

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18 Responses to We've Got It Covered

  1. Pamela says:

    I’ve always told WR that he doesn’t have to get me anything because I’m not his mother.

    This year he asked me once again — “do you want something to special for mother’s day?”

    Me: (Other than seeing my kids and grandkids? I can dream can’t I?)

    Yes. You can go on an evening bird walk with me.

    WR: It’s a deal!

  2. tommie says:

    I am the same way…on my short list of ‘wants’ is a hand held vacuum cleaner, like a DustBuster!

    Happy Mother’s day!

  3. Hilary says:

    I’ll be lucky if my kidlets are aware of it. I think they are.. we’ll see. 🙂

  4. Kathy Ariano says:

    I asked my son for manure from his horse farm for my rose garden! Am I low maintenance or what?

  5. photowannabe says:

    All I want is to have the family over for dinner. Son is doing the BBQ and all the planning and other food. All I have to supply are the plates and utensils. Ahhhh a perfect day.

  6. gawilli says:

    My daughter is in the same boat as your mother, except she is floating around Philly. Pout. We’ve postponed Mother’s Day until she gets back. Ah, the anticipation of it all! Hope your day is great, Susan.

  7. ashley says:

    oooo! Seat covers! Ask for the seat covers! You’ll love them! I <3 mine.

  8. Patti (mom) says:

    I remember those Emerald Earrings (I gave them to you!)Whatever you get for mother’s day, I hope it is something that you will treasure and remember for years to come. And I especially hope that those two teens remember that you are their mother and get you some little thing! Happy Mother’s day baby

  9. Well, I hope you got something that appeals to your inner magpie. (I love that.)

  10. Sigh. I asked my husband to recaulk our bathroom shower. I got a mother’s day breakfast instead. Don’t get me wrong. I love food especially made by my husband, but I’d really love not to cringe every time I get in the shower. He doesn’t get it.

  11. margarethall says:

    Ahhhhh….from one Mom to another…what a refreshing look at Mother’s day! And, what a breath of fresh air your blog is! So glad that I saw the “knock and come on in” sign…
    My Mother’s day was wonderful…Breakfast at my fav place, an early showing of Star Trek, and shopping….Oooops, then had to have the car towed, (another gift from oldest son).
    Hope to be able to stop by when time allows…Please come visit at my blog, coffee is always on!

  12. I don’t fit into the whole *fine jewelry* category either! All I wanted was a grilled hot dog!

  13. Honestly, despite the home cooked buffet extravaganza and flower and chocolates, all I wanted was for my husband to re-caulk our shower.

    A few weeks later, he finally did it.


  14. Honestly, despite the home cooked buffet extravaganza and flower and chocolates, all I wanted was for my husband to re-caulk our shower.

    A few weeks later, he finally did it.


  15. Jocelyn says:

    Now you must post again and tell us if he came through! And if your mom, too, got jeep seat covers, due to you having no other idea of what to give someone for Mother’s Day.

  16. The answer is yes, wanting tough water-proof cushions for your car/SUV is a really bizarre Mothers Day wish. Some people ask for iPhones, so I suppose your spouse/children should be grateful.

    Incidentally, my mother was on vacation with my father on Mothers Day. I considered that gift enough, ‘allowing’ them to go away to fancy 5 – star resort.

    I hope you had a lovely Mothers Day

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