Farts, Boogers And Belches

Nearly three weeks ago our home was invaded by a small army of alien creatures.  I supposed that I should clarify this just a bit.  The “Alien Army” actually consists of two five-year-old, red-headed boys.   When my sister-in-law first told us that she and the boys were coming out to visit us from New Mexico, we were beyond excited.  The last time I had seen the boys they were just starting to talk.  Knowing that they had grown so much in the short years since then,  I immediately started thinking of things that we could do with them.  Of course I drew from my experiences of things we had done when the girls were young.

Shortly after we picked the trio up from the airport, I realized what a reality check I was in for.  These aliens boys had a much different idea of what was fun than I could ever have had.  On the way home the boys proudly demonstrated how well their belching technique  had come along.  I was a little grossed out, but their Uncle Shaun was properly impressed.  He was even more impressed when the twins happily obliged Shaun’s suggestion that they reach over to Mimi (who happened to be sitting between the two of them) and pick her nose for her.  Um….ew.

I just knew the ride home had to have been a fluke as the boys later proved just how adorable, sweet and cuddly they could be.  I soon learned that the sweetness was merely a ruse.  It was a hard lesson to learn, but I have come to find out that boys are just….different.

Very, very different.

As dismayed as I was at this typical boy-like behavior, Shaun was in his element.  (I’ve always thought Shaun behaved much like a twelve year old boy…apparently he’s actually five!) It took a few days for me to accept that our already noisy home had now become even louder with the shrieks of rough-housing and excitedly barking dogs, really bad knock-knock jokes, belching contests and proud farts. 

How can one do anything but laugh outright at the sight of a small boy holding his arm over his head trying to bowl everyone over with the stench of his body odor?  Only to try stifling that helpless laughter at the disappointment his small face showed when he realized that nobody could smell a thing.    Then to witness this same small boy become elated when his uncle promised to rub a clove of garlic under his arm to help him along in his stinky endeavors….

As chaotic as it has been around here for the past few weeks, I already know that we will all miss the boys (and their mother…even though she doesn’t seem to belch or fart) like crazy when they head east tomorrow.  Who will fall to the floor in helpless giggles at the mere mention of the word “booger”? Who will we grin at as they excitedly jump over a sleeping dog?  Who else will gently tuck a huge rock in to sleep? Who will excitedly point out every Jeep they see?  I can’t help but think that tomorrow will be a very sad day indeed.

It’s been wonderful getting to know our nephews and to get glimpses of the young men they will become.  I have a sneaky suspicion that they will end up an awful lot like their Uncle Shaun….

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