The Agony Of DeHEAT

I don’t normally consider myself an obsessive person.  In fact, I think most people would consider me just a little too laid -back for my own good.  I tend to just take things and deal with them as they come.  Well…except for one minor little quirk.  (Not that I think it’s a quirk, it’s all those people that I live with) I seem to be just a tad bit…um…shall we say concerned…with the weather.

I started to get really interested in the weather this last winter when it was was more severe than it had been in the last five hundred years or so.  My greatest fear was not that we would all freeze to death, but that the internet was going to get knocked out and I wouldn’t be able to check the forecast every three minutes.  My entire family (and the many people they told) teased me mercilessly about my  “weather obsession”.  They just couldn’t seem to understand why it was so important for me to know what was coming.  ( As if something like that has to be explained).  When the Seattle area finally warmed up (due in no small part to my diligence, I’m sure) I slowly stopped monitoring the weather to make my family happy.   

Then, last Wednesday the forecast sent to my inbox (you do get those don’t you?) warned me that the next few days were going to rise into the 80’s and then it was going to get really hot. Now, in my book, if there is anything worse than being caught in a snowstorm, it’s being caught in a heat wave.  As I’ve never been able to tolerate the heat, one can only imagine what a panic this put me into.  I made ice.  Then lemonade. then of course, another batch of ice.  Then I went on a search for all the fans that had been shoved into the garage last summer.   I begged Shaun to surprise me with an air conditioner. (I’m still in shock that he simply laughed at me!) Most importantly,  I had to start checking all my  old weather haunts to see what was really going on. 

Despite the fact that all the forecast said it was going to get hot, it didn’t.  For the next few mornings, my forecast letter informed me that the heat wave was still going to happen, but that I should consider it a “bonus not-hot day”.  I was beginning to have doubts about my trusty forecasters. Yet somehow,  the heat delay drove me to check the forecasts even more frequently.  I simply had to know what was coming.  

I knew our heat wave was coming.  It was just the anticipation of it that was driving me nuts.   The heat finally started today.  (It may have been hot yesterday, but Shaun and I were waaaay up in the mountains where it just doesn’t get that hot.  I did learn that if you drive really, really fast most of the raindrops from a sudden storm will just hit the windshield and not drop into a topless jeep!)  I don’t know what the official high was, but my thermometer read 87 degrees.  Interestingly, it didn’t seem all that bad.   I do know that it’s going to get much hotter…only now that I know it’s a sure thing I shouldn’t be quite so concerned about it! 


Shaun sent me this screen shot the other day.  He thought the idea of just turning the weather off was hysterical.   (I have to admit that I don’t really get what he thinks is so funny!)  I do know that  I really should be in charge of the weather though…I would be so much happier!

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