The Penguins of July

Earlier this week, I purchased this book on a whim

I’d been eyeing it for a while and when I saw it at Costco for a really good deal…well, somehow that book just snuck into my cart and followed me home.  I was in my room,  parked in front of a fan and marveling at all the clever ideas when KT came in to chat with me.  Of course, my nosey girl wanted to know what I was looking at and arm wrestled the poor book away from me. 

The next thing I knew, she had me at the store buying all sorts of things to make some fancy Penguin Cupcakes.  She was planning on going to one of her friend’s birthday party the next day and desperately needed  to make these cupcakes immediately for her friend.

Once we got home, I ran off to hunker in front of the fan once more and left her to bake the cupcakes.  I had barely gotten settled when my little vegan appeared before me and asked me if I would help her as she wasn’t comfortable using eggs.  Somehow, I was once again duped into doing what I didn’t want to do. In this case, mix together (I prefer to bake from scratch but apparently “Funfetti” cake mix is all the rage) and set the cupcakes.  I set the timer and told KT that she was all set.  Then I proceed to grab my fan and an extension cord and nestled into the closet. 

About fifteen minutes later, KT opened the closet door and wanted to know how to tell if a cupcake was done or not.  (Mimi knows, but KT has always preferred to be catered to.  It’s not like I haven’t tried to teach her these important life lessons)  I gazed longingly at my fan and went off to help my hapless daughter.  After the cupcakes had cooled off, I read the instructions to KT in an effort to help her correctly create her penguin. KT was perfectly willing to get started on this…until she realized that her hands were going to get frosting all over them.  With a sigh, I set about stacking and mortaring together the penguins.   (it wasn’t too messy)


While I was getting my hands dirty, KT set to work slicing up marshmallows and cutting up candy and cookies to create the various penguin parts.  I still haven’t figured out how she got the easy job.

103 101

We quickly worked together to create a small flock of adorable penguins. 


I was all set to reclaim my Good Mothering Crown and plop down in front of my lonely fan once again when KT started giggling to herself and fixed her evil eyes gave me her best “I’m such a wonderful daughter” smile.   She had the clever idea to add a few colorful penguins to the flock just to liven things up.  With a big sigh (because I had finally figured out that it was futile to try hiding) I pulled my mixing bowl back out and started making a batch of frosting. 

KT requested that I create just a few yellow, blue and green birds and then headed off to take a shower.  (she did have to work the next day and it was getting quite late by this point)  I suspect that she had envisioned some sweet pastel tints because her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw the vibrant colors that I had created.

To her credit, she didn’t say a word about my color choices and set to work adding all those special penguin touches.  In the end, we had another flock of very colorful penguins…or something like that. Maybe pastel was the way to go…


Apparently everyone was charmed by the penguins that KT made…all by herself…

Now all I have to do is be careful what books I bring home from now on.

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