A Lazy Sunday

Today was the last Sunday before school is started.  It was our last little taste of the freedom that summer vacation brings. Most people would jump at the chance to play with abandon outside in the glorious sunshine while it is still here. But not us. 

Nope, our idea of a Lazy Sunday Afternoon is to just hang out in our PJs (well, Shaun was in his Booger Robe) and do whatever we please.  This isn’t something we discussed…it just happened that way.  Shaun and Mimi were downstairs somewhere doing their own thing while KT and I were upstairs chatting and playing working on our computers. 

I noticed  a really loud motor roaring outside, but didn’t really think too much of it until the dogs started barking frantically and I heard footsteps on our front porch.  The next thing I knew there was a loud knocking on the front door.  KT and I looked at each other in a panic. 

I immediately told her that she had to get the door as I was in my nightgown with my hair sticking up every which way.  I simply wasn’t presentable!   As the doorbell rang, KT protested that she was indecent as well and couldn’t open the door. 

We glared at each other as the doorbell rang yet again.  Spontaneously we both got up to peer out the blinds like two old spinster women.  We were shocked to see a burly man with bulging arm muscles in a motorcycle helmet walking around toward the side of the house.  I had visions of him going through the gate and pounding at our back door only to be ripped to shreds by our fierce watchdogs.  Then having to figure out what to do with the mauled stranger (OK, I did say they were visions…) only to watch him march back to the front door.

“He knows we’re home!” I whispered to KT, “Go see what he wants…don’t worry…I’ve got your back!” KT looked at me like I was nuts then dropped to her knees.  She crawled around the sofa and peeked around it in an effort to see who it could be.  Eventually the stranger gave up and turned to leave before either one of us could catch a glimpse of his face.

While I’m fairly certain that the CIA won’t be recruiting us anytime soon,  I’m also pleased to know that we can successfully hide out from an unknown drop in visitor.   Of course, we could simply avoid the entire problem by making sure that we are bathed and dressed by at least noon…

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