Learn Something New Everyday

I am a firm believer in learning something new everyday.  Not that I actively search for things to learn about…they often find me. 

For example, I was in the main office at work today when James, our receptionist, suddenly got a confused look on his face and started making some strange hand gestures.  He was shooing his hands off to the sides and giving the “thumbs up” sign toward the glass front doors.   I glanced up at the empty doors and decided that he had finally gone off the deep end.

A moment later a police officer cautiously poked his head in the doors and asked if everything was OK.  Apparently the silent alarm had been triggered and the police had been dispatched  to save us.  (James later told us that the officer had been standing just out of  eyesight, with his gun drawn, questioning about what was going on with hand signals)   We reassured the officer that all was well and apologized profusely for the trouble that we had caused.

The silent alarm…the alarm that I had no idea even existed….the  alarm that was located right next to where I was working….was turned off and reset.  

Yep, that’s my motto, learn something new everyday…

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