Early Morning Shopping For Nerds

Last week, KT excitedly started talking about shopping on Black Friday.  I merely groaned and hoped that she would forget about it.  My hopes were dashed to the ground when I realized that she had talked both her grandmother and her sister into going out before the crack of dawn to fight the crowds for some great “deals”.  I had no choice but to go. 

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why she wanted to go so badly.  The last time we had gone shopping the day after Thanksgiving, we ended up frustrated with the crowds and the lack of any real deals.I knew from past experience that Mimi would insist on going and then refuse to climb out of bed when it became a reality and grandma…well…she’s  just up for going shopping anytime. I knew that this Black Friday shopping excursion was all  KT’s doing…I had to get to the bottom of it!   So, I finally asked KT exactly where and more importantly, why she wanted to go.

That’s when she told me that the only place she really wanted to go was Half Price Books.  They were selling everything for 20% off and were giving out free tote bags to the first 100 shoppers and each bag had a $5 gift certificate in it.  One lucky shopper would find a $100 gift certificate!When Shaun heard where KT wanted to go, he asked if he could go too.  I, of course, readily agreed and asked if I could just stay home and sleep in a bit.  (After all, I had worked for hours and hours and hours and ho…ok, maybe I’m getting a little carried away  here…on Thanksgiving Dinner and needed the sleep)\

I half woke up in the wee hours of the morning as my two favorite nerds got ready to set off for the bookstore.  I fully woke up a couple hours later when they arrived back home eager to show me their loot.

I’m starting to thing this whole Black Friday thing might not be so bad after all.  Now if only I could get them to bring me back a latte and a fresh bagel…

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9 Responses to Early Morning Shopping For Nerds

  1. That’s the best of both worlds–her getting to go and you not having to take her!

  2. Amanda D says:

    Man! I missed the ad for the bookstore. Did they get a tote bag? What a great day for father and daughter.

    • Susan says:

      The totebag wasn’t the canvas ones that I was thinking they would be…they’re those thin ones you can buy at the grocery store. Meh. They did have a lot of fun together.

  3. Tylor says:

    Awww, I wanted to go too.

  4. sinkuenta says:

    I can really understand that you wanted to sleep after so much work the previous day… the next time tell them to take some fresh rolls for breakfast!! and some interesting books!!!

  5. Hilary says:

    Ahh next time you lay out the rules. Mom sleeps in and awakens to fresh coffee and something baked.. still warm. Sounds like it was the perfect deal for all of you. 🙂

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