Geeks Gone Wild

Shaun came home just in time to watch me finish putting away my pile of groceries.  He got a very mournful look on his face and and said, "I guess you already went to Costco."  I just laughed at him and asked him what he had wanted and he replied with a shrug that all he needed a case of Spam.  (Um?) Then he wanted to know who we knew that would let us borrow a chicken for a day. (Ummmm????)  Oh, and he needed a bale of hay.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any time (or if you happen to know Shaun personally) you already know that he is a very um…unique…man. Yet, somehow, needing  these items seemed a bit over the top, even for him.  (Although oddly, if I ever needed a chicken, I don’t think anyone would blink twice.  Funny how that is)

Apparently one of Shaun’s co-workers is currently in Hawaii on his honeymoon.  Keeping with his company’s long-standing Geek Tradition, Shaun’s team is planning a welcome home surprise for the newlywed.

They are going to turn his office into a tropical paradise, complete with straw on the floor, (although…I thought he had mentioned sand…doesn’t Hawaii have more sand than straw?), a palm tree if they can find one,  lots of Spam cans (used in some very creative ways) and of course, a live chicken running around. 

The last victim Welcome Home recipient  came back from vacation to find that his office had turned to silver.  Everything in there had been covered in aluminum foil.   The computers, every single cord, pencils, the mouse, the white board, pictures…everything had been painstakingly wrapped in foil.  (Is it any wonder that Shaun has so much accrued vacation time?)

You’ll simply have to come up with your own ending to this tale.  (I can’t wait to see what you come up with!)  I found it in my drafts (I found a whole mess of things in my drafts…why, oh why didn’t I discover them earlier in the month?)  The date saved is marked as 6/17/2008  at 3:23 AM.  As I recall, Shaun had asked me not to post it right away just in the off-chance his co-worker saw it. Apparently, several of his work buddies lurk…( Hi MS-ers!!) I’ll have to grill Shaun about what really happened…although…the man has a memory like a sieve sometimes…

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