I’ve only been blogging regularly for oh…about… 22 days now. (Yay for NaBloPoMo!??)but I’ve already been given a blogging award! How exciting is that? Everyone likes to be recognized and Carol has done just that. She has granted me the “Honest Scrap” award.  (I’m so glad that S is on there!)  I’m beyond thrilled, thank you so much! 

[honest scrap[3].jpg]


Apparently, there are rules go along with this award:

 Thank the person who gave you the  ward and link to their blog.  Carol, once again, THANK YOU! (Did you notice how I didn’t whine even a tiny bit about not being invited over for fish tacos even though I still miss Rubio”s like crazy? )  Go visit Carol here

Present this award to others who’s blogs you find brilliant in design or content. Oh, like that’s going to be easy! I’m just dipping my toes back in the blogging water and you want me to play favorites? Hmmm OK just so we are clear, these are not my favorites, I don’t like the best, I adore all my favorite blogs (yes! that’s you!) …it’s just a random thing. Ok? OK? 

Sinkeunta who writes in Spanish so you’ll either need to be bilingual or use a translator.

Christine who cracks me up (even if she does only write in English)

Kathy who is one of the most honest bloggers I know.  You never know what you  will find…it could be anything from her grandbaby to the criminally insane.

and Jenn the woman who hosted a party for over a hundred teens and lived to tell about it.  If I ever have major teen trouble, she’s the one I’m going to! (Or maybe Carol…she’s much closer and just as savvy!)

Share 10 honest things about  yourself Oh boy, and I thought picking recipients was hard. I have to be honest about this, eh? Ok…here I go..

1. I didn’t realize how much missed blogging until I jumped back in and started doing it again.  Starting was really tough.  Blogging every. single. day. is waaay tougher. (Yay for NaBloPoMo!?)

2. I went to put my contacts on the other day and realized to my horror that both sides and a big “R” on them.  I’m still not positive I have them on the right eye.

3.  I have two years until my youngest runs off to college.  (just a few months for my oldest!) I need to hurry and figure out what I want to do when I grow up!

4. I’ve learned that I really love yoga.  And that it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I’ve realized that I’m still very flexible (I am sooo close to being able to touch my elbows to the floor) but my balance is shot.  I fall over very easily.  Sigh…

5. I probably over use ellipses…but I can’t seem to stop using them… I wonder if there is a self-help group for that…

6. I really enjoy Facebook…although it’s part of the reason I stopped blogging.

7.   My girls are turning 16 and 18 in just a couple weeks.  Two big milestone birthdays…I’m not sure how I feel about that.

8.KT has Bowdoin College high on her list to apply for.  I know exactly how I feel about my baby girl heading of to Maine.  (No palm trees KT, just remember no palm trees and lots of COLD!)

9. I feel really silly for getting excited when people sign up as one of my followers.  (hey, I’m supposed to be honest here, right?)  If you are one of my followers, Thank you! If you aren’t…why not?  It’s only a quick click on the block over to the right…just sayin….

10.  While I’m trying to think of a tenth honest thing, Mimi is talking to me about her birthday party invitations, KT is excitedly telling me all about Jane Goodall and a cat is howling for something to eat and Jack Johnson is singing quite loudly.  I really want to move to the library sometimes…just so I can think. 

Have a great week everyone!

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