Human Nature

I’m not sure if it’s just me, or if it’s Human Nature to only see what you think it’s important to see.  For example, a while back, (and I really couldn’t tell you when) a huge metal ballot box was installed in front of our library.  I looked at it curiously the first few times I went to the library after it appeared, but it finally just became another part of the scenery, much like the nearby bench and trashcan.  It didn’t really apply to me, so I no longer saw it.

The ballot and voters guide sent out by the county had a lot in common with that huge ballot box.   I glanced over the guide  inquisitively the first day that it arrived in our home (although there’s no telling exactly when that was) then sat them down on the counter.  I kept telling myself to go over the information and send my ballot in early every time I saw them …until I no longer noticed that they were still sitting there. 

That was until we realized that we were running out of time to vote.  Shaun carefully researched and filled out his ballot last night while I went to bed.  I had planned on doing the rest of my research first thing in the morning, but my day was unexpectedly filled up.  I found myself  searching for information at the nearly the very last minute.  I planned on swinging it by the library real quick on my way to yoga. 

I couldn’t help but laugh when I realized that there was a huge line of my fellow last-minute voters waiting to get into the library parking lot in order to drop of their ballots.  It was just over an hour before they would stop accepting ballots and  I (naively) was sure that it wouldn’t take more than a moment to place our ballots in that huge ballot box.  Apparently most of our neighborhood seemed to think that way as well.   I guess it’s just Human Nature…

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