Rain Boots

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the weather has been a little…well…nasty.  My inbox keeps filling up with high wind advisories, winter storm, thunderstorm and flood warnings.  It’s been interesting.  But we are tough (well, most of us…the ones that aren’t weather wimps) and we can take it.

This morning, I was sitting in Circle Time with my preschool class.  We were chatting about things we were thankful for.  The subject of the weather came up and we began to discuss how thankful we were for things that keep us warm and dry  like our houses, fleece jackets, rain gear and so on.  Suddenly, one of the little girls gasped in dismay, “Miss Susie” she said “You forgot to wear your rain boots!”

I looked around our circle at all the colorful little rain-booted feet sticking in the middle of it.  Somehow, my one pair of brown clogs didn’t seem to fit in so well.  When I explained that I wasn’t wearing my rain boots because I didn’t own any rain boots, the reaction ranged from disbelief to sympathy.  Everyone, even four year olds,  know that you have to dress for the weather here.  Obviously, I fell somewhat short of the dress code.   If you’ve never been in that position, let me tell you, it’s really hard to be pitied by preschoolers. 

Apparently, I need to go get a pair of rain boots.  I hope they have some of those cute froggy ones in my size…

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