Silly Saturday Somethings

~My original title was going to be Random Saturday, but I really, really like alliteration so I had to come up with something.  Now that I’ve brought it up, it’s all I can do to keep myself from writing this whole thing that way…can you imagine how long that would take me?   Sigh…

~Online banking has saved my life.  Seriously. (well…maybe not literally)   In the not too distant past I used pay my bills by writing out a check for each one, address and stamp the envelopes and then set them somewhere intending on sending them.  That’s about as far as I ever got.   I just paid my bills online.  It took me about a minute. 

~I think the vet and I are becoming buddies.  She was pretty awful to me at first (I’m not sure why) but now she calls about Shelly (who probably has an infection, not Cushing’s Disease as originally suspected)  She chats with me about other dogs and her vacation and…all sorts of stuff.  I haven’t quite figured her out.

~I can’t seem to find any more of my favorite tea.  It’s a coconut something that I picked up on a whim at Target of all places and have found that I  love it.  I only have two packages of it and am wondering if I need to ration it.  

~KT told me that all she wanted for her birthday and Christmas was a Zune, a stuffed elephant and fun flavored teas.  Of course,  I had to ask her if I could get that in writing.  She said yes then wrote, signed and dated it for me.  

~I followed Carol’s lead and joined Networked Blogs.  I haven’t really explored the whole concept yet, I just know it links my blog to Facebook  instead of making it into a note. (If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, don’t worry, I’m sure you’re not alone)  Now all I need is followers…I have a grand total of one.  (Which is really just me…I’m looonnellyyyy there all by myself!) I don’t think having followers really does anything…except maybe boost my ego a little! So…um…at the risk of sounding pathetic, click on the “Follow Me” thingy on the right!

~My dad called me this morning wanting to know if we had snow.  He had seen on the news that they have over an inch a bit north of us.  I don’t think he quite believed me when I told him we didn’t.  As of today, it looks like my parents are planning on heading down here next week.  Unless, of course, we get snow.  In that case, Dad says he’ll keep heading South.   (I may have called him a wimp under my breath….)

Have a Super Stupendous Sunday!

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7 Responses to Silly Saturday Somethings

  1. Brandt! says:

    I’mglad to hear your pup is somewhat okay! Let me know what the name of your tea is .. I’ll scope around here!
    My kids received Zunes 2 years ago .. ask my 15 yr old, and I think he’ll tell you he likes his Ipod better. The downloading with Zune and Microsoft can be restricting.
    I would hit “follow me” but I don’t have facebook anymore. Don’t think you are ever alone in the blog world!!!
    That’s what I love about blogging .. everyone has a story, and they are endless!!!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. I think I’m following you now.

    I would weep with joy over that Christmas List. Our older two are getting a plane ticket home and a ski pass. One thing each–big, big bucks though.

    The plane ticket thing felt weird to me though, but she’s 24 and it seems like it should no longer just be a given that we buy things like plane tix. Even though she is still a starving student.

  3. Kathy Ariano says:

    1. I like alliteration, too.
    2. It always amazes me that when you talk to some people, you’re never sure ‘who’ you’re going to meet. I would find the vet a little disconcerting, too.
    3. I’m interested in the networking thing and I’ll check it out. I’ll get back to you if I have questions.
    4. I’m with your dad — I’d love to head South!!

  4. kcinnova says:

    Automatic payments have saved me! It’s those places that still don’t do auto-pay that are killing me…
    Online payments are great, if I actually bother to read the e-mail reminders. I’ve been known to overlook them when I’m having a busy day/week.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. It’s good to “find” you again!

  5. Pamela says:

    Just the other day I started thinking about all the things I signed up for on line (payments included)
    what will happen to all this stuff out in on the web if I get hit by a truck.
    Will they live in cyberspace forever – like one of those scary movies.

    ha ha.

    I haven’t really got Facebook figured out yet.
    It’s taking many people away from blogging. Is it lazy blogging, or what?

  6. Jamie says:

    I love online banking, too – writing checks is ridiculous.

    Your post is good, you sound happy. And you can count on me to click on the follower button. I don’t link my blog and facebook—the troll at work insisted I become her fb friend, and I wouldn’t want her reading that she is a troll…

    Happy new week. Hugs. 🙂

  7. Hilary says:

    I absolutely adore alliteration also. 😉

    I’m right with you about online banking. It’s an incredible time-saver.

    The vet is probably just moody. I’ll take bets that she’ll be inexplicably cool toward you again.. then not.

    Just as with banking, the internet is your best friend for finding that tea.

    Reading this on a… mildly morose, melancholic Monday made my Monday much more meaningful.

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