Talkin’ Turkey

I’ve always felt really bad for Thanksgiving. The poor little holiday that’s tucked in between the candy-fest of Halloween and the chaos of Christmas. I think our Canadian neighbors have the right idea celebrating in October.  I’m fairly certain the pilgrims wouldn’t mind.

One of my ancestors was a pilgrim.  He had the dubious honor of being one of the first two people to be put in the stocks in the New World.  The other fellow was the one he was fighting over a girl with.  She ended up married to someone else.

I am eligible to be a member of the Mayflower Society.  When I was younger, I really wanted to be a part of this elite group.  Although I never did the paperwork, so I guess I didn’t want it that bad.  Perhaps the younger generations will care to join. 

The youngest generation of our family is on the other side of the pass.  We’ve been planning on heading over there to see her for the holiday.  Of course we’d also love to see her adorable brother and sister.  And her grandma.  Oh, and her mom.  And her daddy.

Shelly, of course can’t wait to see her favorite dog in the world, Nico.  He lives on the other side of the pass too.  Nico likes Shelly well enough, but I get the feeling that the love is not equally reciprocated.  I get the feeling that Nico just loves the ladies.  Don’t tell Shelly though…it would break her heart. 

As much as we would love to see everyone, the thought of traveling for more than six hours  over a cold and icy pass with six people and two dogs seems to be making us rethink our plan.  There is a very good possibility that we will be celebrating Thanksgiving at home. 

In a last minute effort to plan the menu, I sent a link the Martha Stewart’s vegetarian feast to all the members of our family to see what they thought.  To my surprise, Shaun thought it was a great idea.  My dad wasn’t nearly as thrilled with the thought of a meat-free Thanksgiving. 

It’s a good thing I bought a turkey a few days ago and have it thawing in the downstairs refrigerator…

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! (I’m pretty impressed that you made it all the way down here!)

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