The End Of The World

A few days ago, when my parents decided that they were indeed heading down towards us in their RV, my mom called to talk to me.  She wanted to make sure that I hadn’t seen That Movie yet.  When I asked her what movie she was talking about, she got a little flustered with me. 

“What movie, Mom?” I asked

YOU know…the one about the end of the world”


“You know which one I’m talking about.” Mom insisted.  “They’ve been advertising it like crazy on all the TV channels. It’s about the end of the world”

Instead of reminding her that I rarely watch TV, I told her that I hadn’t seen the movie yet.  She was thrilled that I had waited to see it with her.  (OoooKaaay Mom…).

Yesterday when I  talked to her again, she wanted to make sure that I was available to see it with her first thing on Wednesday.  I let her know that I wasn’t working and could take her to see it.  Then she insisted that I had to run out and get tickets immediately so that we didn’t have to worry about That Movie getting sold out.  Somehow I don’t think a Wednesday matinee is going to get sold out at all the movie theaters around here.

Although I can’t help but wonder if I should hunt down some tickets ahead of time. I’m just a little bit nervous because I’m pretty sure if I couldn’t get tickets, it would be the end of the world…

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8 Responses to The End Of The World

  1. lynne says:

    You’d better take a good book to read during the end of the world. I heard a review on the news and they said it was pretty bad. Special effects were good but forget the rest. Have fun!

  2. I’m pretty sure you’ll get a seat.

    The movie I’m waiting for is Blindside. Schmaltz and sports are a perfect family holiday movie to me–I already told all the kids I’m dragging them next week.

  3. Kathy Ariano says:

    Good luck with that one!

  4. Kell says:

    You might have had trouble if you had gone last weekend, but I doubt you’ll have trouble for a Wed matinee. But if you did get them early, that would be one less thing to think about and it would make your mother happy. And we all know how important it is that our mothers are happy.

    I’ve heard the stunt and effects are amazing. I think it looks pretty scary.

  5. Susan says:

    Lynne~Somehow I don’t think Mom would stand for me dragging out my book and a little pen light. It’s a good thought though…

    Jenn~You’re not going to get upset when I tell you that I have no idea what Blindside is about are you?

    Kathy~Thanks! lol

    Kell~It’s all about making our mothers happy…

  6. Jay says:

    Get tickets for “Paranormal Activity” instead and see if she notices. 😉

  7. sinkuenta says:

    I think it’s niece for mother and daughter to enjoy a film out together.. I hope you enjoy it!

  8. Christine says:

    This so sounds like my mom. She makes reservations a year in advance if possible. And it’s really funny when she tries to tell me the name of “new” stuff. She still can’t say “artisan” bread. She calls it “arteezhun” bread. It’s very cute!

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