The Mud Queens

A few years back, my girlfriend that still lives in San Diego mentioned that he son’s soccer game had been cancelled because of rain.  She paused a moment, then asked what we did when it rained.  I just laughed and said that if we cancelled games, the kids would never play. 


It wasn’t really raining at this morning’s game, but it had been raining…a lot.  Interestingly enough, when you add enough rain to a grass field and then trample it with two dozen pairs of cleats…you end up with a field of mud.


The girls had a blast playing in it.   They had even more fun playing in the mud after the game was over.   Shaun convinced one of the girls to go sliding in the mud.


She was soon joined by several more…


They were all covered  in the nastiest smelling mud ever imaginable. 


So we told them they had to take a bath before they could get in the car. 


Our little Mud Queens were happy to comply.

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