The Christmas Party

Late last week, KT sent me a text asking if she could have a Christmas party on Monday. I thought about it for a moment then responded “Sure.  What did you have in mind?” I didn’t think much of it when I didn’t hear back from her.  I was busy and I knew we would have time to talk that evening.  When I arrived home a couple hours later, KT gleefully told me that she had invited twenty five of her closest friends and sixteen had already committed to coming.  Rather amused at KT’s neglect of discussing the party plans with me, I asked for more details.  She informed me that they were all coming at 2:00, decorating cookies, playing games, watching Christmas movies and just hang out.  Realizing that she had everything planned out, I just told her to let me know if she needed anything for me and watched her go. 

Over the next few days I watched my girl (dragging her baby sister along for company) shop for tablecloths, extra white elephant gifts, cookie toppings and snacks.  She looked up punch recipes and borrowed a punch bowl to put it in, she looked up gift-exchange games and bought prizes, she cleaned the house.  The only thing she asked from me was to make cookie dough (which a couple of her friends would come early and help her bake)  and frosting…oh and to lend her my debit card.

I’m currently hiding out in my room listening to the joyful laughter of approximately a zillion teens simply enjoying each others company.  I’ve been coming out every once in a while…just to say hello…. to make a pizza run…to judge a cookie contest…for the most part I’ve just been giving them their space.  I know most of these kids.  Some since kindergarten, some just for a year or two.  It struck me tonight, that they’ve all grown up.  They aren’t kids anymore…heck, they don’t even look like kids anymore.  

I have to admit that I cringed when KT turned 18 just over a week ago.  She’s now legally an adult.  I always thought that this would make me sad.  This realization that our girls would grow up, become independent and leave us to make their own way in the world.  Amazingly…it doesn’t.  To my utter amazement, what I feel is not grief…but pride.  I am so very proud of how well our children have turned out.   After all, isn’t it the goal of every parent to raise a  confident, independent child?

To think…all it took was a simple little party to make me realize this.  

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8 Responses to The Christmas Party

  1. superrelish says:

    Congratulations, not only are you the proud mother of a fully grown (eek!) beautiful daughter but you have handled a major invasion of teenagers in your house, all with style and grace!

    I hope your Christmas celebrations are as enjoyable as KT’s party with her friends.

  2. It does a mother’s heart good, does it not?

  3. Carol says:

    Nicely expressed, Susan!

    I can sooo relate! It’s happy… yet sad… yet happy!


  4. Jamie says:

    What a beautiful post. 🙂

    There are few moments in the regular, mundane parts of life that make us stop and think “I did good”. Take each and every one of them and be proud.


  5. sinkuenta says:

    Susan, I think I should congratulate you on your wonderful kids and remind you of the great job you have done… your children are just a reflection of the way you have brought them up!! I would have been as proud as you, if I were in your shoes!! I wish you all a Merry Christmas

  6. Brenda says:

    and what a party it was….Eva came home full of smiles and laughter. Although that’s not any different from any other time she has been at your house! You do know you are her favorite mom, right, jumping right past my status on her list? Thank you for providing your home to the hostess. (I hear Sam was the guest of honor!)

  7. Aunt Mary in Australia says:

    You Have a right to be proud .You have done your job well as I always knew you would since first meeting you at that first family reunion in 2002.Love Ya Aunt Mary

  8. Amanda D says:

    Oh, how I love this post.
    I hope you’ll share your secrets on raising confident, independent adults. I feel like I’m ruining everything most days. Sigh.
    The party sounds like great fun. Merry Christmas!

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