By any other name…

The summer before I entered Junior High School, I took a couple of summer school classes.  (This was back before tax cuts took away all the fun and exciting classes that kids wanted to take.) I have no idea what those classes I took were, but I do remember Mr. Cooper and how he changed my life that summer.  (Well…in a rather small way)

Throughout my entire school career (all six years of it!), I had been called Susan.  The only exceptions were family and close friends.  To my extreme irritation, Mr. Cooper thought it would be a good idea to call me “Sue”.  In those days, I was painfully shy and all I could do to stop him was hurdle horrible thoughts his way.  For some reason, he didn’t seem to notice and persisted in calling me the hated Sue. 

As the days rolled by, I started to get used to the idea of being called Sue.  In fact…I started to like it.  I was, after all, entering my mature high school years.  So…I became Sue. 

Around the time that I graduated from high school, I realized that I was never really a Sue.  In my mind, Sue was a chic, sophisticated and very confident go-getter.  Me…I was more of a quiet dreamer.  It was time to revert back to the name of Susan.  Besides…all of those “Boy Named Sue” jokes had gotten really old. 

For the past twenty few years, I have once again been Susan to everyone but family and close friends. (I have to admit, they’ve never once changed what they called me.  They are stubborn consistent that way) I no longer consider myself a quiet dreamer anymore, but the name Susan has been working for me. 

Then, I started a new job.  All of the instructors that worked with kids were called “Ms/Mr whatever-their- name- was” .  I was all prepared to be called Ms Susan when Mimi, in her infinite wisdom stepped in.  She insisted that I call myself what all my nieces and  nephews…well, actually what any small child I know calls me…Susie. 

I really hesitated on this as I’ve often thought thought that a grown woman that called herself Susie was a bit…well…frivolous. Yet, to appease my child, I became Ms Susie.  I was fine with all my three and four year old friends calling me Ms Susie…it was when their grown-ups called me Susie that I felt a little uncomfortable. In my mind, Susie was a little girl name. 

As the weeks rolled by, I started to get used to the idea of being called Susie by everyone.  In fact…I started to like it.  I was, after all, entering my mature years of life.  (At least according to Shaun.  Of course, he’s sadly mistaken.)  to everyone. 

I’m not exactly sure who or what a Susie is…but that’s who I’m going to be.  At least for now…

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9 Responses to By any other name…

  1. Brandt! says:

    I had a Spanish teacher that insisted on calling me “julietta” (actual name Juliette) with the “j” sounding like a soft “y”. I couldn’t have hated it more!! And then again “where’s your Romeo” still comes up!!! What’s in a name?!

  2. Brenda says:

    Very appropriate and makes it much more fun when it comes from the kids, rather than “Miss Rebecca’s” requirement for “Miss Susan” and “Miss Brenda.” Eva and I still hoot over that sometimes!

  3. My SIL is, and always has been, a Susie. I can’t imagine someone calling her Sue.

    My blog name is not actually the name I go by in real life, but is actually my real name. I started using it again after a professor who never seemed to hear me when I corrected him–and then I just got used to it.

  4. Amanda D says:

    My first name is Susan. My sister would sing “Wake up a little Susie!” to me during my tween years. I very much disliked it. I still dislike it. I ALWAYS wanted to be called Mandy growing up but it never stuck. Now, I am glad that it didn’t!

  5. Kathy Ariano says:

    “A rose by any other name…” indeed! Funny, in HS one of my teachers called me Kate. I wish it had stuck.

  6. OddMix says:

    Hey there, Susie! I love the new digs. And I think that Susie is a great name – perfect for the fun, youthful person you are. And Shaun can stuff all that ‘Mature Years’ stuff back where it belongs.

  7. Lynne says:

    Well hello there, Susie! My sister’s name is Susan and I find it hard to call her anything else. Sue doesn’t fit. Neither does Susie (frankly I think she’d kill me if I called her Susie!)

    It’s hard to do anything with the name Lynne, but some people call me Rynne which I spell Rinn. 🙂

  8. kathryn says:

    Lovely post, Susan…Sue….Susie…sweetie!

    I think it can be fun to change personalities to go with the different names we travel through life with…don’t you think?

    The only difference I hear between “susan” and “susie” is one sounds less formal…no other opinions here!

  9. Linda says:

    I’m a little slow … just now checking out your new digs! Sorry for being late to the party. I’m catching up now! And I love the name Susie … wish I had a name that could go several different ways. I get “Lin” a lot … and I don’t mind, but it’s not as pretty. Oh well.

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