Happily Ever After…

Today was my parents’ wedding anniversary. I had been feeling horrible all day that I wasn’t  finding the chance to do something special for them or at least call them.  I finally had the time and the opportunity  around eight o’clock in the evening. 

Dad answered the phone and  we chatted for a moment before I cheerfully wished him a happy anniversary.  His response was a moment of complete silence before he asked “Was that today?” then carried on with some more small talk. 

After a few more minutes, he was ready to hand me over to my mother.  I couldn’t help but giggle to myself as I could hear him in the background asking her if she knew that it was their anniversary.  I couldn’t quite hear her response, but I knew her authoritative tone. (Because my mother of course, knows everything)

When Mom finally came on the line she thanked me for the anniversary wishes, then proceeded to tell me that I was a day late.  I knew that I wasn’t and told her so.  After thinking about it for a moment and a quick consult with the calendar, she realized that I was right (it happens every once in a while!)

I guess when you’ve made it to your 47th anniversary, they all just blend together (kinda like birthdays)

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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