My New Pal Bob

I’ve wanted to blog…really I have…but every time I opened up my Livewriter all my creative thoughts just curled up and blew away in the wind.  (OK, maybe there’s no wind, maybe I have a pile of dried up creative thoughts piled up like dust bunnies under my chair.) You see…it took me a while to realize it, but I really couldn’t stand my old template a moment longer. I know it seems silly, but the color was too dark, the background to wrinkled and what I once thought of as pretty flowers became cloyingly sweet.  I felt…closed in. 

Instead of blogging I found myself searching for a new templates.  A template that would make me grin just to see it.  After wasting precious time that I could have been playing Bejeweled, I came across Bob.  I really didn’t think Bob and I were exactly a match made in heaven.  As I explained to Bob that he didn’t really fit the theme of my blog.  (Of course I have a theme…kinda) I told him that I didn’t even know any roosters in real life (although I once babysat some chickens for a friend, that was interesting!).  Then we got down to what was really bothering me.

Bob is clearly a morning person being guy. He loves just sitting up there on his fence post, happily crowing as the sun wakes up.  Me, I’d be quite content if I didn’t have to get up until the sun was fully awake and ready for lunch.  Interestingly enough, Bob and I really hit it off despite our differences.  He makes me smile.  I…um…I make him crow.  (although I think he secretly laughs at me.) We may not be together forever, but for now…we’ll be the best of pals. 

I wonder if I could get Bob to bring me my morning coffee…

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