Shoe Chewing Mutt

Our puppy Sam has passed from the sweet and adorable stage (yes, I do have pictures of that sweet week or so, but I don’t seem to have access to them right now…stay tuned!) to the naughty monster stage.  He wants to play constantly and eat everything.  Well…maybe not everything…he’s not all that into playing with the huge collection of toys he seems to be acquiring. 

Sam runs off before we even notice, grabs something from another room and brings it back into the family room to chew on.  Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to what he grabs. It can be anything from a forgotten sock, a hair clip, a cat toy or as I just took away from him, an olive.  (An olive? Eww gross!)  His very, very favorite chew toy, however, is a shoe. 

There is something about a smelly old shoe that Sammy just finds irresistible.  If we aren’t careful, that seemingly innocent puppy will grab one of them by the laces and start eagerly chewing away.  We’ve gotten to be very careful about where we leave our shoes after we take them off.  Although, to be honest, Sam doesn’t always bother waiting until we’ve taken our shoes off.

I told our vet all about Sammy’s shoe fetish when I took him in for his second round of shots this afternoon.  She laughed as I told her about how he sneaks down to the landing and joyfully bounds up with his treasure.  (Or not…sometimes they are just too heavy for him and we find them abandoned halfway up the stairs) I mentioned that I was under the impression that the shoe-chewing mutt was just a stereotype.  She laughed as she squatted down to ruffle Sam’s head some more as she said she hadn’t heard of too many dogs actually doing that. 

Sam had scooted underneath her bent legs and our vet reached under to get him asking what he was doing under there.  I had to grin when she abruptly burst into laughter and said “Sonofagun…wouldn’t you know he’s chewing on my shoe!”. 

I guess we just have a stereotypical dog…

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