A Short Tale Of A Very Distracted Blogger

Lately, when I sit down to write a post, I’ve managed to…well…do nothing.  Well, I wouldn’t say nothing…there’s all sorts of stuff to do.  My Pal Bob and I stare at each other waiting for the words to come.  Then we decide that maybe we (OK, maybe just me…Bob likes to just hang out on his fence post) should hop on over to Facebook and see what’s going on there.  (Ooooh my great-niece Madisen is in a contest, please go vote for her…I did! She’s really adorable)

When I’m done catching up with all that earth shattering news, it’s about time to refill my coffee cup.  As I’m waiting for the cup to fill (for some reason my coffee carafe only chooses to dispense my java through a tiny little stream.  I could take the top off, but then I would lose all the heat.  Life can be tough in the world of coffee.)  I notice that a couple leaves on my house plants are dead.  I take care of that then decide to water them.  Of course, if I just water the ones on my kitchen window seal I’ll forget about  all the others, so I’m off on a watering adventure. 

Then the puppy wants out.  I’ve learned that a when  puppy tells you he needs to go outside, he means right that very minute.  If you dare dawdle…well, let’s just say you are going to have a mess to clean up.  Of course, when the puppy needs to come back in he’ll be so adorable that you have no choice but to play with him for a bit. 

I warm my coffee back up and realize it’s back to me and Bob.  Staring at each other.  Each of us daring the other to come up with something absolutely brilliant to blog about.  (Heck, at this point we’d settle for mediocre!) Then I notice the time.  Holy Cow…what am I doing sitting here on the computer?  I’ve got to hit the road if I’m going to get to work on time.

If only I had time to write a post…


The Slice


I found this among my newly downloaded pictures. Aren’t they lovely?  (I’m clueless)

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