Just A Few Necessities


For some reason, it’s been driving me absolutely nuts that we ran out of trash bags.  I never realized that I had a “thing” about having trash bags on hand.  It never even occurred to me that I might have issues with having trash bags.  I’ve just always had a back up of bags and have never run out before. Well…except for this time.

All last week, whenever Shaun or KT would call from the store and ask if I needed anything, I would start to tell them that I needed trash bags, but then stopped myself.  I couldn’t bear the thought of having grocery store bags.  Nope, I needed the huge industrial size box of Costco garbage bags.  (So we wouldn’t ever run out?  Who knows what was going through my fevered mind…other than the fact that I needed trash bags, of course)

So this evening, for my first outing in a week, Mimi and I headed to Costco to get garbage bags and puppy food. My first mistake, other than just going to one of our local grocery stores, was to bring Mimi along with me when I still wasn’t feeling all that well.   She was really great at helping me find things to buy…and I was really bad at saying no.

Somehow (and I’m not really sure how it happened) we ended up with a few additional random necessities such as yogurt, papayas, bread, milk, a new set of glasses (which we needed), a box of fifty hangers, and a set of dishes.

All I can say is, I’m glad we at least remembered the garbage bags.  I’m not sure our bank account could handle another shopping spree…


The Slice

I’m going to try the 365 Photo thing that was so popular last year.  You know the one where a photo is taken every single day? I’m not going to make any promises and of course it’s going to have to be 365 minus 31…whatever that is.  I’m going to try to post it down here everyday.  (but like I said, no promises!)


Did I mention that I don’t have to be the photographer? Shaun “used up the roll of film” trying to get a decent picture for me.  I think this is my favorite. (Probably because it embarrasses Mimi so much!)

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10 Responses to Just A Few Necessities

  1. Hilary says:

    I have 3 packages of garbage bags. They must have been on sale because it’s going to take me a LONG time to get through them. All you had to do was ask. 😉

    Love that shots.. but roll of film? Psssst Mimi .. next Costco trip, grab a digital camera off of the shelf. 🙂

  2. Kathy Ariano says:

    My husband commented once years ago when I frequented a Costco-like store, that I was ‘saving us into the poorhouse’!!
    Love the photo — as I said to my children, “May I only live long enough to be a complete and utter embarrassment and burden to you!”

  3. Jay says:

    LOL .. Love the photo of you! It’s awesome.

    The first time I was ever in Costco as soon as I walked in the door I got the feeling that one could spend ridiculous amounts of money in there. And that was BEFORE I found the liquor section. 😉

  4. Brenda says:

    Liquor at Costco?? I hate Washington law….give me brandy on the grocery store shelf. One of the things on my list that I miss most about Wisconsin!

  5. Love the photo AND your blog! And I sure can relate to the whole trash can thing…believe it or not, I simply cannot BE without trash bags. Must be a woman thing! You have to get yourself a digicam!! Nice photo!! And yes, I can spend a freakin’ ton of money in a BJ’s or a Sam’s Club…our version of Costco!!

  6. Mimi says:

    Oh mother, how you make me giggle..

  7. I had a hard time resisting the Polish earthenware road show the other day–but really, I don’t think my husband would think $7.99 per dinner plate a reasonable price!

  8. del says:

    You are much braver that I could ever be – I couldn’t do a Costco trip in a recently fevered and probably still delusional state, the finances barely cope when I wander there as it is. I am hoping that it is the novelty of the place and it will wear off soon but somehow I don’t think so.

    Love the photo!

  9. Pamela says:

    hmmm hmmm heh heh ha ha habwaaaaaaaa ha ha ha.
    embarssing our teenagers is an important part of being a mother.

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