Fun At The Fabric Store

Mimi and I made plans to go to the store so that she could pick out fabric for me to make her a bag.  Right before we headed out the door,(Mimi told me we should’ve snuck out, but sadly I didn’t listen to her)  KT caught wind of our plan and invited herself to come along in order to pick out a pattern for a prom dress.  Against our better judgment,  Mimi and I waited (somewhat) patiently for KT to get ready.  Eventually she came out the door dragging her dad along with her.  Mimi and I just looked at each other and rolled our eyes. 


Mimi and I took off to look at the fabric selections while KT headed towards the pattern section.  To my complete amusement, Shaun happily settled down to look in the pattern books to help KT find her dream dress.  You can only imagine how much help he was to her…

It didn’t take too long for the two of them to get bored and wander off to other areas of the store.  Mimi and I ignored them while KT found a new friend…and fashion accessory…


Naturally, Shaun wanted a furry little friend to play too. He was told that he couldn’t play with a stuffed critter unless he wore a beautiful headpiece to match his daughter.   he really, really wanted to play with that froggie, so he agreed to wear a headband.  (We didn’t tell him it was pink)


Of course, Mimi couldn’t stand to be left out of all that fun.  She refused to wear the flower headband and chose to wear a duck on her her head instead.  (Rules are rules, she had to wear a beautiful headpiece!)


They finally decided it was time to stop playing when an employee wandered by and paused just long enough to crack up at them. 


You really have to love a man willing to hang out in a fabric store just to spend time with his little girls…

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