Happy Spring!

Don’t worry, it’s a new look, but it’s still me.  My pal Bob The Rooster, let me know that he had to make a quick trip to Minnesota to visit his ailing Aunt Eunice.  (Personally, I think it has more to do with that new chick, Elizabeth that he’s been talking about going to Spring Break with.  Whatever.) Fortunately, the  timing worked out nicely as Spring is the perfect time to try out new things. 

I couldn’t resist putting up this theme.  I mean, who could resist the thought of laying in the soft green grass, warmed by the sun and surrounded by happy little daisies and fluttering butterflies. (Sorry, those of you with allergies don’t get to vote) I don’t know how long this one will last…who knows she may all of a sudden realize that her Aunt Eunice needs her immediately.

I’m ready to design my own blog header (well, maybe not me…Mimi’s thinking of taking a web design class next year…I guess I can wait), but I can’t seem to decide on a theme.  I can’t put my finger on what the heck this blog is all about.  Any suggestions?

Today is Shaun’s birthday.  For some strange reason, he claims that he’s fifty years old now…but he’s not.  (like I want to be married to an old man!)  In fact, he’s actually been claiming that he’s fifty ever since he turned 42.  I’m not sure it that’s because he knows he’s going to have a hard time getting used to that number, or if he’s fishing for complements on how young he looks for fifty.

We don’t have any major plans for his birthday.  KT is heading to the other side of the state for a track meet, Mimi is working on a big science project with her partner…and Shaun has been feeling a bit under the weather anyways.  I guess I’ll tackle the knee high grass in the back yard.  (Unless of course, I can convince Shaun that we need to head out to somewhere wonderful!)

Enjoy your weekend…I wish you sunshine and butterflies!

(Ugh, I think that theme is making me a bit gushy already…

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14 Responses to Happy Spring!

  1. Peggy says:

    Happy Birthday Shaun!

  2. Jay says:

    Happy 50th birthday to Shaun!! hehe 😉

  3. Jay says:

    Oh, and I like the new happy spring theme. Very cute.

  4. That’s exactly what I did a couple of days ago–the temp hit 80 and my neighbor and I kicked back on her lawn with her little boys. It was a little slice of heaven!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Shaun!! I think everybody is reading for a bit of spring now! I know I am…but I cannot for the life of me figure out why this winter has seemed so much longer than all the others I’ve lived through?? Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Kathy says:

    Happy SITS Saturday a day late… finally made it over here!

    Love the new header… I didn’t know the old one so I may not be a good judge. Guess I’ll have to stick around (follow) to see what is next!
    Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

  7. Lynne says:

    It *is* Spring now, isn’t it? We’ve had lovely weather but it will be a while before I can lay in the grass and not get covered in last year’s dead yellow brittle stuff. Sigh. We’ve had a lovely week but now we’re about to get clouds and rain again. Soon, though, soon … !

  8. Kathy Ariano says:

    Happy Birthday to Shaun! In January, my husband and I were both shocked to realize he was turning 60! Really — we realized it was his birthday but had really sublimated which one it was!

  9. Hilary says:

    Happy birthday to Shaun.. and happy gushy spring to you. 😉

  10. Heather says:

    Oh I just LOVE your blog look! Found you on Lady Bloggers Society. 😉 Looking forward to reading more! Following now… and happy Spring to you.

  11. Riaz Ali says:

    I love this theme! And I love that wonderfully sunshiney graphic that you are using as your header. Did you get that from wordpress.org? I’ve been trawling through the themes recently and have not spotted this one.

    I enjoy your writing style too. Very entertaining and involving and most importantly, warm and friendly

  12. Amanda D says:

    I like the theme. Good choice.

    Happy birthday to your husband. I hope you found something fun to do. Although, my husband loves to mow the grass so he would be all about tackling the knee high stuff in the back yard. Oh, wait, that is what he did Saturday. 🙂

  13. Pamela says:

    It’s been a long time since I lay in the grass wearing nothing but a hat. Cute.
    And happy birthday (two days late) to your ageless husband.

  14. I love the theme! Very happy feel to it! I was a bit confused at first and then read the post!

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