Keeping It In Perspective

Yesterday I stopped to get gas and was shivering beside my car (with Mimi’s words echoing in my head about why on earth we don’t just move to Oregon where the common folk aren’t allowed to pump their own gas) when the woman next to me and I started chatting.  As complete strangers often do, our first words to each other were all about the weather.  We good-naturedly grumbled to each other about how cold and blustery it was as we hugged our fleece jackets tighter around our bodies. 

We were just getting warmed up to our subject when a third gas pumper interrupted.  She pointed out that the weather was pretty normal for the end of March.  After all, she pointed out, Seattle does have that rainy reputation for a reason. Then she pointed out that we had just gotten spoiled with the wonderful early spring that we had been having.  

Of course she was right.  The cheerful daffodils and tulips that have popped up in my garden will attest to that.  We had gotten so used to the blue skies and sunshine with near sixty degree temperatures that we simply couldn’t handle our normal gray skies.  (OK…we could handle it…we just didn’t want to!)

It seemed that my co-complainer and I no longer had anything to chat about. (We couldn’t exactly gripe about how whiney we were)  We gave each other a sheepish grin as we quickly topped off our tanks and headed back on the road.  

At least we could enjoy a typical Seattle spring day…and know that summer was coming soon…

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