Reasons to Give Yourself Flowers

“Who brought you those flowers?” my daughter asked as she walked into the kitchen and saw me trying to artfully arrange a bouquet of daffodils in a vase.

“Yeah,” questioned my husband. “Where did they come from? I didn’t bring them to you.”

My other daughter joined in and started teasing that I had a secret boyfriend or that some random man on the street…[….click here to read more]


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3 Responses to Reasons to Give Yourself Flowers

  1. Go for it! Flowers ROCK!! Even if you do buy them for yourself…maybe more so!!

  2. Tylor says:

    From what I’ve been reading lately (if you want to admit to that Irish blood) you have no shortage of strong independent women in your background.

    Honestly, this post reinforced what I already thought: that you’re an awesome parent and your kids are going to turn into some amazing women.

  3. Kevin says:

    I absolutely agree 100% that being a “homemaker” is an honorable, demanding, underappreciated, and absolutely essential for our society. I don’t know how my wife does it and maintains her sanity. She never gets a break. She’s mom 24/7/365 and never gets to leave her place of “work.”

    My wife went to a all women’s liberal arts school (Russel Sage College) and Lord help the person that so much as implies that she is limited in what she can do because of her gender, and she reinforces that in our boys, too. Even so, we agreed before we even got married that it was important for someone to stay home to “guard the fort” and care for our children. With my career taking me halfway around the world for months on end, that left her to pick up the title of “homemaker” for her career. She is thinking when our youngest starts first grade next year and is in school all day that she might look to rejoin the professional work force again and put her masters degree to use.

    I wouldn’t sweat the impression you have given your daughters by not buying yourself flowers more often. I think just now by you buying those flowers, you demonstrated that it was okay to buy them for yourself and they DON’T have to come from some boy. 🙂

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