Table For Two

The other night  while the girls went to the opera (‘Cause we’re cultured like that) Shaun and I  decided to meet for an early dinner at a wonderful little Italian cafe that we enjoy.  I arrived first and put our names on the list then settled down to wait for both my husband and our name to be called.  

When Shaun arrived a short time later, we were shown to our table.  Although our girls are nearly grown, we almost always have at least one of them with us whenever we dine out.  I have to admit that it seemed odd to sit at a table for only two. Still…it was nice to sit alone with my husband and just chat about all those little things that bind a marriage together.  (You know…like what cute thing the puppy had done that day.) 

As our meal came to an end and we realized that the server really wanted us to leave so she could turn another table.  As we waited for her to return with our check, we started to look around at the other guests.  Shaun and I both pointed out tables to each other nearly simultaneously.  The table Shaun wanted to show me was of a family that had two little girls about four and six years old.  They were busy coloring a picture and chattering happily.  We just grinned at each other, remembering when our own two girls were that age.

With a subtle motion of my head I directed Shaun’s attention to the table I had spotted.  It was of another family with two little girls just a little bit older…maybe eight and ten.  They were in the midst of leaving, giggling and clinging to their father’s hand tightly with huge grins on their faces. 

Shaun and I shared a look, but didn’t say a word to each other about either set of little girls.  We didn’t have to.  We were both remembering when ours seemed as though they would be tiny forever.  Now our babies were old enough to go to McCaw Hall without us to watch Falstaff…not exactly babies anymore.

To be perfectly honest, we’re thrilled (and rather amazed) that we have somehow manage to raise such confident and self-sufficient young women.  Yet, sometimes it just tugs at the heartstrings to know that they are getting ready to leave the nest they have thrived in for so long.  I see a lot of tables for two in our future.

At least we still have the puppy…

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3 Responses to Table For Two

  1. Kathy Ariano says:

    I’m with you on that one!

  2. It’s strange when you get to that point of a “table for two,” isn’t it? Yes, from the time they were born we were trying to teach the kids to grow up. It sure happened fast, though.
    The good thing is that you still know how to talk to each other! Even if it is just about the puppy 🙂

  3. Pamela says:

    congratulations — keep up the good work. (including raising the puppy)

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