The Spaghetti Slurpers

Last night at dinner, Mimi gathered up a fork full of spaghetti noodles and started bringing them towards her mouth.  Halfway there, she abruptly stopped and carefully picked up one sauce laden noodle.  As the pasta dangled in midair . Mimi’s eyes opened wide. 

“Whoooaaaa” she exclaimed breathlessly, “Mom left the spaghetti long!”

We all burst out laughing at my teenage daughter’s obvious delight in something as simple as finding a long noodle on her dinner plate.  It only took her a moment to place one end in her mouth and slurp it up. 

When I was making dinner, I had been sidetracked and had only broken the noodles in half instead of fourths as I usually do. I had first started the habit of breaking them into small pieces before dropping them into the boiling water when the girls were tiny.  It was my brilliant (At least to me!) way of making it easier for them to eat those  slippery awkward noodles. I guess I just never got out of the habit as the girls grew older because years later, our spaghetti noodles are still broken up into bite sized pieces.  

I mused to myself that it was probably time to break the habit and start serving full sized noodles to my family.  I wondered to myself what I had been thinking in not merely teaching my kids how to swirl spaghetti onto a fork.  (Perhaps because it’s a skill that I’ve never quite mastered?) 

I woke up from my moment of daydreaming only to I realize that my kids were having a grand time playing with their dinner, slurping up the noodles and flinging them about.  I looked to my husband in exasperation at the poor manners our heathen children were exhibiting.  Shaun merely froze when he saw that he had been caught red-handed stuffing a noodle into his nose. 

I think I’ll keep breaking up those noodles…

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