The Tale of the Magical Leprechaun

It was several years ago today that I first met him.  Although he would argue that the correct word would be “rescue” instead of “met”. You see, I was just walking along, minding my own business when I heard what sounded like a cry for help. I sprung into my Warrior Princess Mode and glanced around trying to determine where it came from. All that I saw was a cat toying with something green and sparkly. I thought I had finally gone off the deep end when I realized that the wee object being batted around was making all the noise. Cautiously, I approached the tabby to see exactly what was going on. I had to blink my eyes a few times when I realized that the cat had what appeared to be a leprechaun.

I was torn between getting up and walking away, reassuring myself that I was imagining things or letting myself actually believe that a little bit of magic does exist in this world of ours. Naturally, I chose the right answer, because I know that magic is real. Distracting the cat with the liver-flavored cat treats I just happened to have in my purse. (The Warrior Princess is always prepared!) I snatched up the green-clad little man and tucked him in my pocket.

I gave the cat a couple more treats to make up for his loss and hurried home so that I could examine the thing squirming around in my pocket in the privacy of my own home. (I think I can safely say that most people would prefer not to go batty in front of witnesses.) Sitting at my kitchen table, I carefully pulled the tattered bit of green out of my pocket…and was shocked to realize that I was actually face to face with a real live leprechaun.

With a flash and a wave of his Magic Wand (you didn’t know leprechauns had wands did you?) the little man’s rumpled suit was instantly cleaned and pressed and his fiery red hair and beard were smoothed. When he considered himself presentable, he looked up at me and introduced himself as Paddy O’Furniture, Esquire.

Paddy reassured me that he had everything well under control (typical male!) but was very thankful that I actually believed in him enough to stop and save him from that horrid creature. (I never did tell him that it was actually my cat that was having such fun at his expense) My new friend went on to let me know that should I ever have children, he would do his part to make sure that the also, believed in the magic.

After chatting a bit more with Paddy (about things I’m sworn not to reveal) we went our separate ways. I’d convince myself that meeting the leprechaun was nothing more than a figment of my imagination (I’ve been told a time or two that I have a very active one) and had nearly forgotten all about him. Then one day, I caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head just in time for him to flash me a huge grin and a wink. I knew then, that the magic I had let fade from my life through the years was back.

In our house, Paddy became known as the Magical Leprechaun. Every Saint Patrick’s Day he would bring each of my girls a brand new green (of course!) outfit, a box of Lucky Charms cereal and run around waving that Magic Wand of his turning the milk and anything else he could find green.

Last night I suggested to my girls that I had heard rumors of the Magical Leprechaun impending retirement. I still grin to think of the looks of horror and denial that crossed their faces. I can’t wait to tell my friend Paddy.

He’ll be thrilled to know that the Magic lives on…

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