A Rare (for me) Meme

Outside My Window..the sun looks as though it may break through the cloud cover, there is a certain, vaguely familiar glow off to the east.  My garden is blooming and really starting to come alive.  It makes me happy. 

I am thankful for…the wonderful weekend I had.  It was full to the brim with just spending time with my husband, girls and girlfriends. OH and weather so beautiful we were able to take the tops off of the jeeps! Woot!

From the kitchen…I’m trying to come up with a microwave egg dish that I can create with preschoolers on Friday.  (VERY open to ideas here!)

I am wearing…still in my night clothes, still waking up.  And my glasses…I’m not a big fan of wearing glasses…

I am creating...new routines.  As the girls have gotten older, all of my routines have stayed the same.  They no longer seem to be working.  (have I ever mentioned how much I resist change???) A part of this routine business is to figure out when to have blogging time.  I like to do it at night after the girls go to bed…but they never seem to go to bed anymore! (It’s a little tough to tell an 18 year old struggling with her physics that she has to get to bed because it’s past her bedtime!)

I am going… have a very busy day!

I am reading… Comfort Food (a fun novel!), Writing Down the Bones, Bird by Bird and a couple others.  I’m a multi-book reader.  Oh and the Sunday paper still has parts to be gone over.

I am hoping... That I can manage to get all these thoughts in my head, down on paper (screen?) so that I can stop driving myself nuts!

I am hearing…the happy sound of birds singing (although I can promise you that I won’t think of it as such a happy sound when it gets light earlier and they start their racket at four in the morning!)

Around the house… Spring is here…and it makes me want to tidy up and clear out all the clutter that has accumulated. 

One of my favorite things… is my puppy Sam.  (does he count since he’s not technically a “thing”?)

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… cleaning, organizing, working in my yard.  I lead such a exciting life!

Here is picture thought I am sharing... Sam and our cat Buddy all snuggled together inside of Mimi’s fort. 


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10 Responses to A Rare (for me) Meme

  1. Kathy Ariano says:

    I love it when pets snuggle together like that! Just proof that we can all get along if we put our differences aside. Thanks for sharing — love that you’re still in night clothes!

  2. Brandt! says:

    I love your picture! Sam has gotten big! We just adopted a new cat and he sleeps just like that! I love your meme and hope you don’t mind .. but I’ll be stealing it from you soon!! I’m trying to blog more often now that I have started a new blog.

  3. The pets look so cute all snuggled while they are sleeping!! Great job on the meme….I may have to just try that one one of these days!!

  4. SharleneT says:

    Stopping by to say hello from Lady Bloggers! When my girls were small, I used to make egg ‘cupcakes’ in the microwave. Use those large fluted papers and place them in a ‘ring’ on a large flat microwaveablel plate. Either fill half way with blended seasoned eggs or break a whole egg in each cup and prick the yolk to stop it from exploding. Microwave on 3/4 power for about a minute and a half (or check every 30 seconds or so for how you like them done). Voila! Cupcake eggs. Hope that helps. Come visit when you can.

  5. Blond Duck says:

    Popped in from Lady Bloggers to say hi!

  6. Janet says:

    Love the imagery of your garden…and the picture of your pets is adorable!!!

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