A Rather Different Easter

Earlier this week, Mimi reminded me that there was only a few more days until Easter as she looked pointedly at the gaily decorated display of Easter Baskets in the store we were in.  I merely looked at her  and mumbled something about having thought that the Easter Bunny had retired from our house as Mimi  and her sister had gotten so much older.  After all, they were teenagers now.  Mimi just sighed dejectedly…she really does hate growing up.

Easter morning was a bittersweet one for me. KT wasn’t home as she had gone on a spontaneous trip to Port Townsend with some friends (and stayed in what I’m the sure is the first of many youth hostels!) and Mimi sleeping in.  I the Easter Bunny quietly placed a basket next to my sleeping child as I headed out the door to pick up my mother. 

As I drove out towards her, I thought back to our Easter Past.  The girls would always wake up to find that the Easter Bunny had left them a beautiful new outfit and a basket filled with delightful gifts and waaay too much candy.  Sometimes, if the Easter Bunny was feeling particularly crafty, the girls would wake to find a note starting them off on a treasure hunt or better yet,  wake up in the middle of a tangled web of yarn.  They had to work to find the loot!

Easter Math Oly 007 April 2003

He would also hide zillions of brightly colored eggs for the girls to find.  Our family tradition was that baskets and clothing were free to be gone through, but there was to be no egg hunt until parents had gotten up (with no help from the kids!).

Now, just because there was to be no egg gathering, doesn’t mean that my clever children were going to ignore all those treat filled eggs! They were on a mission to scout out as many as possible so that when their lazy parents finally crawled out of bed (slightly after the Crack of Dawn) all they had to do was run around and collect them from memory. 

Then of course, they would plop down in the middle of the floor to check out the loot and do a bit of trading back and forth.

Easter 052 March 2005

We used to hide the real eggs that we had decorated, but that was before we realized that our hounds really, really liked eggs.  It was a little bit sad to find that the only eggs left to find were the ones that were way up high!

But that was OK, we always had a lot of fun decorating eggs.

Easter Math Oly 006

Sometimes in somewhat unconventional ways!

EAster and artwork 008 EAster and artwork 010 EAster and artwork 011

My thoughts were interrupted by a text from my oldest daughter. She had gotten home earlier than I had expected and was distressed to find that while there was a basket sitting out for her sister, she couldn’t find one for herself. (oops!) Fortunately, I was able to locate it shortly after I got home.  (I seem to know how the Easter Bunny thinks).

We did nave a lovely day, no egg hunt, no egg dying (the vegans didn’t think that was such a good idea) and Easter Dinner was enjoyed sitting around a fort in the middle of the front room (more on that one later!)

I hope you had a wonderful day!

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6 Responses to A Rather Different Easter

  1. Brenda says:

    some traditions just can’t be ignored! you found your baskets though, I didn’t want to dig through the garage for ours, so a paper sack took there place! (Yes, I do one for Ian too!) I was creative though in their hidden locations…..can’t tell. Bunny cake has to wait til next weekend though; Paul and Eva were gone yesterday too, went to Oregon to visit Willamette and Univ. of Portland.

    Are you guys close to a decision? Yikes….I am NOT ready…..

  2. Karen says:

    Oh, that made me sad. At what age can I expect the Easter egg hunts and all that to end?

  3. sinkuenta says:

    It’s nice to see how other people celebrate Easter. Here we don’t traditionally have Easter eggs… people just go to the beach and try to sunbathe and the most religious go to processions that recreate the passion of Jesus. Not so much fan!

  4. Hilary says:

    Oh they never REALLY grow up in some ways. Good thing you know how the Easter bunny operates.. much in the same way you probably know how the Tooth Fairy works when she seemingly lost the coin and couldn’t find the tooth..

  5. del says:

    Happy Easter. I am glad that you did get to celebrate with both of your beautiful girls. I will have to remember the egg hunt string maze, that looks like heaps of fun.

  6. Lori says:

    It’s funny how they grow up, but they still want to do the kid stuff. At least you were all together. And I’m surprised hubby didn’t paint some teeth on that egg!

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