Division of Labor

In our house, I’ve always been the one to take charge of the kids.  If Shaun had to to take over for a time, he was always faced with the dreaded words “that’s not how Mama does it!” (Yep, I’ve set a high standard!) As the girls have gotten older, they can pretty much do anything that needs to be done.  Well, except for matters of money. 

The other day, KT needed a check for school and I wasn’t around at the time.  So, to the amazement of our teens, Shaun wrote her out a check.  Apparently both of their jaws fell open as they watched this previously unseen act of their father’s. 

Mimi finally found her voice and asked if he was allowed to write checks. KT nodded her head in agreement wondering the very same question.   Shaun just glared at them both until they noticed that his name was printed on the check. 

I guess father doesn’t always know best…

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3 Responses to Division of Labor

  1. del says:

    That’s fantastic. Role reversals are always met with contempt around here, mainly by those reversing the roles and not the observers but any changes are duly noted and reported, usually with giggles because something wasn’t done right!

  2. Lauren says:

    Lol! My mom was always the check-writer in the family, too. 🙂

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