Our Granola Girl

We were spending some family time together, when out of the blue our oldest daughter KT asked what “granola” meant.

My husband looked at her for a moment as though she had grown a second head before telling her quite matter-of-factly that granola was a breakfast cereal. The kind of cereal, he teased, that he had been eating every morning for weeks.

“No,” persisted KT. “What does it mean if someone calls you granola?” 

My husband’s face was blank, so I, in all of my wisdom, stepped in. I informed them that “granola” is another word for

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1 Response to Our Granola Girl

  1. Kathy Ariano says:

    Name calling aside — I think that your daughter should be proud to be called “granola” — we should all be granola! You should be proud!

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