Spring Break

It wasn’t too long ago that Spring Break was a time for my girls and I to reconnect and get some down time away from all the pressures of school.  (You think work is bad? Try learning to read!) This time of year rarely ever lined up with a convenient vacation time for Shaun, so we were on our own.  Mostly we would just hang out together and do a whole lot of not much.  It was wonderful.

As the years have passed, our idea of what a wonderful Spring Break was has changed a bit.  We’ve done a few trips, but mostly the girls want to hang out with their friends. (Excuse me a moment while this poor forgotten mama wipes a wee tear from her eye)  Our first day of break was on Friday…and to be honest, I really haven’t spent that much time with them.  They’ve been going here and there, hanging out with friends or have been glued to their phones or Facebook. 

So, I’ve decided to leave.  Yep, a couple of my girlfriends and are are headed to the beach! So, the beaches of the Pacific Northwest aren’t exactly exactly the same as those in Cabo…we’ll still have our own brand of fun!

I have no idea if our condo has internet or not, so if you don’t hear from me for a few days…well, you know I’ll be off having fun!

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