The Worst Mother in the World

This afternoon, KT brought three spatulas into the front room and asked if we wanted to play a game.  I immediately knew that she wanted to play the Wooden Spoon game/prank on her sister.  Now a good mother would do her best to protect her young from all harm…not allow her sister to teach her a potentially painful pastime for her own amusement. Apparently, I’m a rotten mom because I gleefully went along with it. 

KT and I explained to Mimi how to grasp the end of the spatula between her teeth and bop me on the top of my bent over head as hard as she could.  Then it would be my turn to do the same to her.  If you’ve never done this before (and why would you have?) you would know that it’s really hard to get any leverage.  It doesn’t hurt to do this at all.  Unless, of course, you have an accomplice bopping the unsuspecting victim on the head with a third spatula. 

Hmmm…I don’t think I’m explaining this very well.  You see, one of the things we do in our family, as I suspect many other families do, is to send each other links to silly/funny/sad things we find in our travels on the internet.  The other day, Shaun sent this out to us.  (Hey look, my first embedded video!) Obviously, Mimi hadn’t bothered to watch it. 

I’m pretty sure that the Drama King in the middle is saying some pretty foul words, but it’s in another language so unless you are fluent in whatever it is, don’t worry about covering your ears.

Mimi tried so hard to figure out how I was managing to wack her so much harder than she could hit me. (we weren’t really hurting her…even horrible mothers have their limits!)  We finally broke down and showed her the video. 

computer 049

Is it really that bad that her look of astonishment when she realized what we had done just cracked me up?

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