VegFest 2010

This weekend we attended our second Vegfest.  For those of you that are thinking this may have been a chance to veg out in a huge exhibition hall with hundreds of other folks…sort of a Woodstock without the bands…or the drugs…you would be mistaken. “Veg”, in this instance is referring to the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.  (then again, maybe it is just referring to vegetables)

Now, those of you who are thinking that we would all just sit around with hundreds of other folks talking about tofu and rabbit food, (I know that thought had passed though my mind the first time I heard about Vegfest.) you also would be mistaken. (Doesn’t it just drive you nuts when you are wrong? Maybe that’s just me…) If I had to narrow it down, Vegfest is about educating the public about eating and living in a healthier way.  This is accomplished through cooking demos, lectures, books and most of all hundreds of free samples.

Ocean Shores with Jeanne and Barrie 014

Our oldest daughter, KT, who is a strict vegan was in hog heaven.  Rarely can she go somewhere and be able to eat almost everything surrounding her.  We sampled everything from vegan meat, quesadillas, chili, granola bars, ice cream, cookies, whipped cream to sliders.  In fact we sampled so much that our stomachs started to ache! (The picture I didn’t get was of KT holding her tummy while reaching for yet another small taste!)

Ocean Shores with Jeanne and Barrie 018

Vegfest is powered by a huge team of over 500 volunteers…people that passionately believe in vegetarian eating for whatever reason.  KT was one of those volunteers.  I just find it so amazing that our little girl has grown up enough to form her own beliefs and to act on them.

Ocean Shores with Jeanne and Barrie 016 

Veggie folks are different than your average person.  Most of them are very  “green”.  Just look at this neat and well organized waste/recycle area.  Granted, it had just been emptied, but this was a very clean bunch of people.  I was impressed.

I’m not sure if this is the cause or the effect of being vegetarian. I wish I had been braver with my camera.  My kids are pretty mainstream, but there were some pretty wild outfits and hair styles/colors in that building.  I honestly didn’t know that mohawks were coming back into style.   But, as Mimi says, all the antique styles of the 80’s are coming back.  (It doesn’t matter that she wasn’t even a thought waaaay back in the 80’s!)

Last year, to my amazement I really enjoyed myself.  This year, I simply expected to. The added bonus was that I learned a few new things, a few new products that I enjoyed and just had fun with my family.  I’m sure we’ll be there again next year. 

Even if we don’t get to hear great bands…

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9 Responses to VegFest 2010

  1. Jay says:

    I don’t know about this whole vegan thing. But, I think it would be fun to attend something like this and try some of those products out.

  2. Brenda says:

    Hi Susie, sounds like a blast. A 21 Acres co-worker of mine went to the Fest yesterday too, scouting out vendors, etc. for an ag fair we’re putting on in October. Did you catch any of the lectures? anything sound really interesting? can’t wait to hear of the possibilities and bringing it local!

  3. I could see taking the plunge once the kids are out of the house–they are die-hard carnivores though and I just don’t see it happening now.

    Good for your daughter–and you for supporting her.

  4. lori says:

    That sounds kinda cool. Discovering new and tasty healthy things to eat is always good. My girls were vegetarians for a few years. I dug it. I think that means we’re good moms that we raised independent thinking daughters, right?

  5. Amanda D says:

    vegan meat? vegan whipped cream?
    It all sounds very interesting. I’m not sure I’m daring enough to try many of those things.

  6. Tylor says:

    Can I use this as excuse that I don’t eat enough Veggies: KT eats enough for both of us.

    On a side note: is it strange that it still weirds me out to realize there are now adults that were born after the 80’s? I was born in 1986 so it shouldn’t seem that weird.

  7. I do not eat enough veggies….but I applaud people who are able to do that! And good for you that you are supporting your daughter in her quest!! Bring on the eighties! We did have some fun back then! My daughter was born in ’86. I didn’t know that mohawks were coming back either. Can’t say that I miss them!

  8. Amy says:

    That sounds kinda cool. Discovering new and tasty healthy things to eat is always good. My girls were vegetarians for a few years. I dug it. I think that means we’re good moms that we raised independent thinking daughters, right?

  9. lucy says:

    This looks like the vegfest at the Seattle Exhibition Hall. If so, I have been several times in the past and I’m sad I missed out this year!! But such is a life with a newborn. Everything seems to get past me. I didn’t even realize the tabs expired on my car until 3 months after the fact….

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