The Quiet Time

I’ve been sitting in my living room listening to the quiet. These quiet times are are rare and are something I truly treasure.  They are a balm to my soul. 

I live in a noisy home.  It seems as though there is always something going on.  The music my entire family loves to listen to to blasts through every room.  It can be anything from Zeppelin to Sinatra to the latest pop sensation…it’s always loud. The dogs are barking, the cats cry to be fed and people…just talk.  It’s just normal life, I’m sure it is much the same in most households. 

Yet, something inside of me craves peace and quiet. 

As I sit in the quiet morning hour, breathing in the heavenly sent of my freshly brewed coffee and savoring it’s bitter taste,  I realize that it’s not entirely quiet.  I listen to the gentle tapping of the rain falling on my roof. It’s a sound I never paid much attention to, but I’ve come to love since we’ve moved to Seattle. I can feel the vibrations of one of our cats as she purrs on my lap. My sweet Sam sits at my feet, gently snoring, his ears twitching every time I move. 

I take a moment to gaze out the window beside me, pleased with my blooming garden. My herbs, the lavender, basil and thyme are thriving.  The happy faced pansies, hot pink germaniums and wild roses are drinking in the falling rain. It amazes me that, despite my brown thumb, they are all flourishing. 

I hear someone stirring in one of the bedrooms. My heart sinks as I realize that it’s time for the day to begin.  Then I realize that after my few moments of quiet solitude, I’m ready to face it, and all the racket that comes with it. 

All is well in my world…

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12 Responses to The Quiet Time

  1. Kathy Ariano says:

    So many are afraid of quiet…Not I! It IS a balm.

  2. Your world is a lot like mine–minus the rain!

  3. Lori says:

    Awww, that was lovely. Your house sounds like my house. During the day there might be a few hours when no one else is here while I’m working, but the dogs get themselves all riled up so there really is never quiet moments….except for now, actually. It’s 11:30 at night.

    • Susie says:

      I don’t seem to be able to stay up that late anymore…at least not while I’m getting up at 5:30. Besides that, everyone else wants to say up to. Sigh…

  4. Jenny says:

    There’s nothing better than the tap of rain on a roof or windowpane. That sound makes me so happy!

  5. What a beautiful post…just perfect! Nothing like listening to the rain…I like listening to it on the top of the RV when it is softly raining…

  6. choochoo says:

    Peace and quiet is important. Too bad the world never feels like being quiet when I do, really. lol. I’ll have to run away to the mountains and become a cavewoman, or something. Better yet – I’ll go to the cottage and hang around in that big, red comfy garden chair. Yeah, that’s better. I’ll do that.

  7. del says:

    I live in a mad, noisy house so I get up early to enjoy a few seconds peace and quiet.
    I wish that I could write about the beauty of those few precious minutes as well as you have.

  8. Although our house is not noisy, I do enjoy that quiet time early in the morning. I also get a little sinking feeling when I hear everyone stirring because then that means I must start my day and work around the daily chores.

  9. Hannah Katy says:

    Ah, How I love these quiet moments where the world seems to be at peace and all is well. Thanks for capturing one.


    Hannah Katy

  10. Leanne says:

    This post SO speaks to me … quietly … I just told my husband the other day that the older I get, the more I want quiet. And having a 6 and 3 yr old in the house just doesn’t make for a quiet environment right now. (And the husband? Well, lately he has received most of my “shhhhhh!!!!”s!)

    Wishing you quiet moments!

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