Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

(Where did that silly term come from anyway???)

I haven’t forgotten about you, Dear Readers.  I’ve just haven’t been in a writing frame of mind. Every spare thought has been going to this gown I’m making for KT.  The gown that fully embraces Murphy’s Law.  Ugh. 

I’m crossing my fingers that it will be completed by the time KT gets done from school, ready for one last (completely unnecessary) fitting. Of course, I’ve been saying that for the last week or so.

Anyways, I very scientifically asked my mom to pick a number between one and nine for the drawing and she chose ten.  (Can you see why I’m the way I am?) I rounded it to nine which happens to be Brandt!.

Send me your address and I’ll get the book sent out to you…as soon I get this prom dress done!

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2 Responses to Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  1. Brandt! says:

    I won?!?! wow! … I’m excited!! Thank you!!! Make sure to post pictures of the said gown!!

  2. You can’t be super-seamstress and super-blogger in one week–your head would explode. Good luck with the final fitting!

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