46 Things

I’m a little behind in writing my new list of things to complete before my next birthday.  (Only 4 months…that’s not too bad is it?)  My 45 Things was hard enough, so to come up with 46 more? Hmmm, why do I do this to myself? So, here, in no particular order is my newest list, forty Six Things

  1. Give blood
  2. Go to a funky festival
  3. Lose ten pounds (a couple times!) 
  4. Grow sunflowers
  5. Scan all my old pictures 
  6. Write down our family stories
  7. Write down stories from my parents/grandparents    
  8. Create a rolodex of addresses
  9. Make a quilt (just a little one!)
  10. Submit something for publication
  11. Pick berries and make jam
  12. Organize my digital photo
  13. See a play
  14. Plant a tree
  15. Go winery hoping again!
  16. Write a book review
  17. Learn to put in a zipper  
  18. Take a class
  19. Sew something for me 
  20. Do NaBloWriMo in Nov  (or if I change my mind in the next year NaBloPoMo)
  21. Do a blog giveaway
  22. Fill up my art journal
  23. Learn to belly dancing
  24. Go to a concert
  25. Watch KT graduate
  26. Take her to college
  27. Do a 5K
  28. Make a doll
  29. Pick a cookbook and start working my way through it
  30. Send KT a care package at Whitman
  31. Host a Bunko party
  32. Meet my newest niece!
  33. Go on a road trip
  34. Eat something I grew
  35. Write a book review
  36. Tour Theo’s chocolate factory
  37. Start using The Beast again
  38. Take a photo a day (can she do it???)
  39. Win something
  40. Write a book…or at least have a plot and get started on one!
  41. Fill our home with personal photos
  42. .
  43. .
  44. .
  45. .
  46. .

You may note some repeats from last year and no, it’s not a full list yet, (I’m open to ideas!)

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10 Responses to 46 Things

  1. Brandt! says:

    42. Kayak
    43. If you’re adventurous .. white water rafting (too much for me!)
    44. sunrise pictures (as early as it was .. it was so nice to be witness to mother nature!)

    I like your idea!

  2. Kathy Ariano says:

    I’m exhausted just reading your list!

  3. I like these goals–they are all do-able things. I have a friend that’s doing a Martha Stewart cookbook dinner once a week and she is really enjoying it.

  4. Thanks for stopping by today. Good luck with your list. I like the make a doll one. I did that before and I loved it.

  5. Patti says:

    Great List, but haven’t you already compleated some of these. I think it would be great to see this list up and see cross throughs when you complete an item. By the way I had fun with you today.

  6. Patsy (mom) says:

    Hey, that was my post! How come my name wasn’t on it?

  7. Patsy (mom) says:

    Oh, no you blacked balled me!! Your own mother and I can’t see my name on my comments!

  8. Lori says:

    How about have a fondue party? That sounds fun. Nice list-but how are you going to do all that in a year??

  9. Amanda D says:

    What a great list – good luck getting them all done. And happy birthday!

  10. Pamela says:

    so where is this chocolate factory.
    (Alot of those SHOULD be on my lists, except the chocolate. ha ha)

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