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It’s been a quiet evening. Our KT arrived home safely from her camping trip (with nary a bear sighting) smelly, tired and with lots of stories to share.  After a long, hot shower for KT, and dinner and story telling for all of us, the girls went off by themselves for a bit.

It wasn’t too long before they came back to the living room and were sitting cross-legged on the floor at my feet with a deck of cards between them.  Both of the girls..and both of the dogs…had a colorful bandana perched on her head (sometimes it’s better not to ask…although I do wish I’d had my camera handy) and they were playing a loud game of Speed.  I was only half paying attention to them as I was engrossed in my reading…and maybe a tiny bit of Bejeweled. 

I’m not sure why, but I suddenly tuned into what they were saying.

Mimi: You want to come help me with this thing? (I wasn’t really listening, so I don’t know what it was)

KT: Nope, I’m going to stay right here and play Solitaire.

Mimi: Solitaire? With cards? You can’t do that!

I tried…I really tried, but I couldn’t hold in the laughter. My girl, who had grown up in the age of technology, honestly hadn’t realized that Solitaire wasn’t just a computer game.  Once upon a time, many years ago, before computers were common place, we played card games and board games.  Who knew…

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  1. Choochoo says:

    Rofl. Yeah, I remember playing solitaire with cards… I could cheat at that. Maybe I should go back to playing with cards. Stupid computer won’t let me cheat.

  2. terry says:

    hi, susie ~

    this post made me laugh so hard!
    it is funny that mimi said that!
    { are we becoming our parents?}
    please tell mimi i said thank you for that! =)

    i bet that the kids today would really gawk at the fact that we had huge room-sized computers to begin with and that our first cell phones could be used to beat someone off of us!

    and { holy moly} we actually used to have to get up off the couch to manually turn the dial on the television to get one of our three channels … and no cable!

    from the mouths of babes…

    okay… i feel old now.

    hmm, where did i put that deck of cards? =)

    hope you and your family have a super, duper day!
    xoxo, terry

  3. I spent the better part of today being the undisputed Speed champion of 9th grade. Cards are one of the best things in life!

    I’m glad your girl was not bear bait.

  4. Brandt! says:

    what a nice setting ..sitting in the same room as you, playing cards! Funny post!

  5. Tylor says:

    For me the result of growing up in an age of technology is that my handwriting still remains atrocious. Thanks to my grandmother, though, I grew up handling tangible playing cards from a very young age long before I understood solitaire as a computer game. Thankfully this was not the case with minesweeper.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Oh, the joy they are missing. Nothing quite smells or feels like a deck of well-loved cards.

    Stopping by from the LBS Tea Party.

  7. Hi Susie

    I’ve just found you thru the Lady Blogger Tea Party!

    I loved this post. I have 3 boys (8, 6 & 3), and it’s also funny what they come up with!

    BTW – LOVED Solitaire when I was a kid. With cards, that is. 😉

  8. Ashley says:

    Wow. Times have really changed haven’t they? Cute post!

  9. I used to play with cards too. Those were the days. It was easier to cheat too. You can’t do that with the computer.

    I came over from the Tea Party. NIce to meet you.

  10. Rachel says:

    Cute story!!

    I stopped by from Lady Bloggers Tea Party.

  11. Kirsty says:

    Hahaha oh dear!
    You’re poor daughter! haha

  12. Royar says:

    So funny!



  13. Katie says:

    My kids are astounded at the lack of technology my husband and I had growing up, especially me: “Geeze, what all did you guys DO all day??” : )

  14. Charlotte says:


    This is great. Annnnnnnnnnnd it makes me feel old. But mostly it made me laugh because kids grow up around this stuff, so how would they know that Solitaire is a game that was invented and played with a deck of cards!?

    Found you through Lady Bloggers 🙂

  15. R.M.Gilbert says:

    Great post. Just stopping in from bloggers. I’ll be adding you to my sidebar. I enjoy your humor.

    It’s a nice look into what I have to look forward to with growing kids. And since I write adult and YA books I enjoy reading about others lives.

    I’ll be sure to stop again.


  16. Pamela says:

    Second story today that made me laugh (about kids not realizing there was life before tech)

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