Hiding Out In The Monster Closet

Vacations are a lot of fun, but let’s face it, they are also a lot of hard work.  From the anticipation, the packing, and the endless driving to the disruption of routine, unpacking and loads of smelly laundry. I was so ready to be home when we pulled into our driveway late last night. 

This morning, I nearly threw my alarm clock against the wall when it went off shortly after the Crack of Dawn.  I must’ve set it out of mere habit last night before I wearily collapsed into my bed.  As I rolled over to go back to sleep, I realized that Shaun was wide awake…and wanted to chat.  He didn’t seem to take the hint when I sent evil muting stun ray towards him with my half-awake mind. So I made the mistake of grunting at him.  Instead of running in fear for his life, the foolish man took that as an invitation to continue talking.

I had nearly convinced him that I was actually a cooling corpse and not worth his time,when both the girls and some assorted pets decided to come bounding in our room as well.  (I still don’t understand why nobody seemed to realize that it was summer vacation and thus practically a law to sleep in until noon.) It seemed as though Mimi needed a ride to work, Shaun wanted to go get his Jeep that had been worked on while we were away and KT just didn’t want to be left out of anything. 

We spent most of the day just being together…just as we had been doing all week. Every time I would leave the room just to get some space, someone would follow me. It was slowly driving me insane. I seem to be one of those rare people that just needs time to be alone in a quiet place.  My family is anything but quiet. 

Please try not to think badly of me, I really do love my family, but I had to get away from them. I knew that I couldn’t go anywhere as they would catch on and want to come with me. I tried distracting them with fun places for them to go…but they didn’t want to leave me behind.  I was at a loss. 

Then I finally remembered the Monster Closet.  It’s a small closet tucked underneath our staircase that, until about a month ago had been crammed full of junk.  We are all so used to not even noticing the door anymore that I doubted anyone would even think to look for me there.  My plan is to gather up supplies such as a flashlight, good book and a snack then wait until everyone is preoccupied.  I’ll leave to quick note letting them know that I had been abducted by aliens and not to worry about me, then run and hide.  

I can’t wait to hang out with just the monsters…



Say hello to my new friends I met at Farm Sanctuary.  I like to call them the Gentlemen Turkeys.

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30 Responses to Hiding Out In The Monster Closet

  1. I actually have a friend with one of those closets–it IS a great place to hide and read a book!

  2. terry says:

    hi, susie ~
    welcome back!
    what a funny story… i really enjoyed it!
    sounds like your family is a very close knit one… and you are so lucky!
    i totally understand, though, your desire to have some “alone time”.
    that closet sounds wicked cool.
    i would love to have such a closet in my home.
    the gentlemen turkeys are very distinguished! =)
    hope you have a nice day… and some really good alone time.
    xoxo, terry
    p.s. yes, it in fact IS a law that one can sleep late in the summer… i am sure we can even find it written somewhere to prove it!!

  3. Hilary says:

    Sounds like a great plan.. unless of course they read your blog.. 😉

  4. I want one of those closets!! My family insists on interacting with me too!

    Visiting from the Tea Party.

  5. Charlotte says:

    Alone time is very important. I hope you are able to sneak away and enjoy some moments of serenity. This did, however, make for a great read 🙂

    Hope you’re enjoying your summer and wishing you a happy July 4th weekend.

  6. Momarchy says:

    I don’t think you are bad at all for feeling the way you did or do.

    We all are human not happy 100% of the time mommy machines we need time to unload the stress that going on a vaction entails or even the stress of the daily grind.

    I know that I’m a very loud person and come from a very loud family, yet sometimes I too want everyone to just go away (as harsh as that sounds) it’s not like I’m saying forever, just for a few hours…even just one hour. And just let me/us breath in silence.
    Right Susie? I get you girl =)

  7. Brenda says:

    just you and Harry Potter….let us know if an owl joins you!

  8. Mama Hen says:

    Sometimes we all need a little space! Has nothing to do with the love of your family. I would also want to throw the clock if it rang at the crack of dawn!
    Mama Hen

    • Susie says:

      I totally agree, especially as the sun starts rising around 4 now. Ugh. (so, maybe it was a *little* later than the acutal crack of dawn)

  9. How did the plan work out . . . or are you still hiding in the closet?

  10. Tylor says:

    That reminds me of how, when I was a kid, I set up a little reading nook in my closet with a lamp and pillows (for some reason I always liked small spaces). It was a great place to hide away for a while.

  11. Pamela says:

    echo echo echo…. Aaaaaaaaaare youuuuuuu i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-in there?”

  12. Blond Duck says:

    Popped in from Lady Bloggers to say hi!

  13. Don’t forget your pillow. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. Glad I got to return the favor.

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