Fluttering Those Wings

These last few weeks seem to have been a non-stop frenzy of shopping, stocking up and getting everything  KT needs gathered up for college. In between all of this we’ve had to snatch whatever time she had leftover from hanging out with her friends just to savor our girl.  We haven’t much time left with the girl she is now.

Yesterday morning, I helped her load her camping gear, a suitcase and a big box of munchies into the trunk of  her friend’s car. I gave her a big hug, told her how much I loved her, and reminded her to check in once in a while.  KT’s friend looked at me in astonishment, “she only has to check in once in a while? My mom made me promise to check in morning and night!” I explained that morning and night would count as “once in while” because I really wanted her to check in at least every half hour!  Once again, I reminded them to be safe then I watched them drive away towards their Grand Adventure.  (Nope, I didn’t shed even one tear!)

For nearly a week the two girls will be on a road trip exploring the Oregon coast. Of course, my meticulous child is going with a completely planned route.  They know which campgrounds they’ll be staying out, the prefect trails to hike, what sights they’ll be seeing and where the wedding is.  (I have no idea who’s wedding…I just know there is one!)

Last night, I received a location and picture of their Home, Sweet Home


It just thrills a mother’s heart. (and really makes me wish I had insisted on them bringing a baseball bat!)

Tonight, when Shaun came home from work, he asked me if I had heard from KT at all.  He had texted her a few times thoughout the day and hadn’t heard back.  He was worried that something really bad had happened.  I knew that she was probably fine, but still…the seed of worry was planted.

It was getting late, so I sent a text message…then another…and another…then maybe another.  I was getting myself all worked up about how irresponsible she was being.  In my mind I was getting ready to start taking privileges away. If I didn’t hear from her soon it would be a looong time before she went on another road trip, she would lose cell phone privileges, she would…wait, I told myself, just wait a minute.

I realized I had forgotten something important.  Four days after KT came back from her road trip, she was leaving on another road trip. One that would change her life forever. She was leaving for college.

Of course KT finally checked in when they had settled in for the night.  She had had a wonderfully busy day and simply hadn’t thought of touching base with us.  (I guess we’re going to have to get used to that)  It finally dawned on me that this was it.  Those wings of independence that have been fluttering more and more frequently these last few months were ready to take off on their own. 

I know she will do fine… 

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