My Delicious

My Delicious is being published at today.  I hope you join and let me know what your delicious is! 

Here’s a taste: I ponder all the Delicious things I’m lucky enough to have in my life. The strong arms of my husband holding me tight, the giggles of my two beautiful daughters or even the colorful flowers that dance merrily in my garden. There are so many wonderfully Delicious things to choose from. Yet, it seems as though I always come back to the same thing…

(psst…Mom…click HERE!)

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3 Responses to My Delicious

  1. Blond Duck says:

    How cool! Congrats!

  2. What a delicious prompt for a post! I’m off to finish reading it!

  3. Stopping by from Lady Bloggers, but on my way to read your post. And I really love your template. It is too cute!

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