New Adventures

Shortly before the crack of dawn KT and I climbed out of bed, pulled on our clothes and grabbed her packed bag of belongings.  KT had said her goodbyes the night before and in order to avoid another long teary scene we quietly crept out of the house. 

We sat in a comfortable silence as we drove down the dark and empty streets towards the meeting spot at her friend’s house. The three high school friends were going to drive over the pass to participate in an outdoor adventure program before starting college a week later.  Our kids endured pictures taking and repeated reminders to drive safe and call home when they made it to the school.  Then us proud parents watched them drive off headed for a new phase in their lives.


A couple hours later, when Shaun climbed out of bed he asked me if I had cried.  He was surprised when I told him that I hadn’t.  Mimi asked me the same question, and got the same answer.  It honestly never occurred to me to cry.  For one thing, I knew that we would be seeing our girl again in one short week when we brought her all the things needed for her dorm. 

Mostly though, it would be wrong to cry when those excited kids were ready to embark upon such a wonderful new adventure.  They were all going to spend a entire week exploring the Oregon wilderness as part of the transition to college life.  (OK, I don’t really get that part, they are all small groups of eleven and you don’t have to carry everything you need while on campus, but I’m sure it’s a great experience) Then they will actually start college.

While I understand that KT is ready to spread her wings and learn that she really can fly on her own, I can’t promise that I won’t cry when I have to tell her goodbye for real.  After all, she’ll always be my baby girl… 



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