At Least I Can Make A Pie

If you are reading this from my actual blog (as opposed to a reader) you may have noticed that I haven’t made much progress with my new design.  The colors aren’t quite so garish, but it’s not a very finished looking design.  I’m going to blame this on Shaun.  (What, you want me to take responsibility???)

I was calmly working on adapting a template to fit my needs…ok, that’s not quite the truth.  It would be more accurate to say that I was muttering, hollering and whacking myself on the head, desperately hoping that my brain would suddenly click and css and php would sense to me.  Shaun, the man who says he loves me, would just casually wander by, laughing his fool head off at me. 

My husband, the man who develops computer software for a living and loves the challenge of it, claimed that he has no idea how blog software works.  I claim that he’s a Big Fat Liar (It’s ok if I say that because it’s probably true.)  I haven’t quite decided if he just really enjoys watching me pull my hair out in frustration or if he’s scared that once he starts helping me, it will never end.  (The man detests playing tech support.)

Either way, I knew I had to stop struggling with the blog page if I didn’t want to turn myself into a widow. (See, I told you it was all his fault!) I decided it was time to try a different tactic. 

I always tell my children that you always catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.  So…I did the one thing that he’s always asking me to do.  I made him a pie. 

It was a beautiful pie made with fresh peaches that I picked out for him myself.  As I lovingly rolled out the pie crust and gently placed it in the tin, I thought of how happy my Beloved would be.  I just knew that he would be so overwhelmed with joy that he would fix my blog up for me in a jiffy. 


Apparently I was a little overly optimistic.  The pie is gone…yet my blog site is still a mess. 

Next time I’m gonna stick with the vinegar…

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