That Nine Random Minute Thing

Well, you may have noticed that I fell off the NaMoBloMo thang…  I have to admit that I’m rather disappointed in myself, this would’ve been my third (or is is fourth?) time completing it.  The horrible truth is that I fell asleep early on Friday night and forgot all about posting.  Sigh…  I suppose I could just continue on like nothing, but…well…I don’t want to.  I think I will attempt a modified NaMoBloPo…the kind where I take weekends off.  Sound good? (The only correct answer is “of course it does!)

I’m not really one to obsess about my stats.  I might check them once a month or so.  I have to say, that when you start posting consistently, they really shoot up!  And when you post about something truly disgusting such as My Near Death Experience…well, they simply skyrocket.  You people are sick!

Our KT is coming home this Friday.  It would really be nice to see her.  Too bad it on the same weekend that I’m scheduled for my scrapbooking retreat that I never seem to scrapbook at.  I’ll have all next week to spend with her.  Well…maybe…she’s at the point in her life where she wants to spend most of her time with friends. 

There is snow predicted for this weekend.  Shaun has been laughing at me because I’ve fallen into my weather obsessed ways once again.  According to him the moment I hear of bad weather I start checking each of my five weather bookmarks and two weather phone apps constantly.  I say there is nothing wrong with being prepared!

Speaking of weather, when my neighbor Carol first started talking about going to Hawaii, I kept thinking that the last time they went to Paradise, there was a horrible storm.  Of course, I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to jinx things, but still I quietly worried.  (Don’t listen to Shaun, I don’t worry about the weather any more than the next person) So last night, as the rain was pouring down and the wind started to pick up, I may have been thinking some not-so-nice thoughts towards Carol.  It turned out thousands of people lost power last night and many still don’t have it back yet.   Thankfully, we still have our power.  I take back all those evil thoughts towards Carol.  Although next time Carol decides to go to Hawaii, I’m going with her!

Times up! I’m off to bed…

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13 Responses to That Nine Random Minute Thing

  1. Lynne says:

    I did not notice you fell off the wagon but I wasn’t going to point it out to you! 🙂

    My neighbors are in Hawaii right now too.

  2. Lynne says:

    Of course what my fingers meant to type was that I *DID* notice. Somehow the “not” slipped in there without my noticing. Sheesh. I need to read before I hit the post comment button!

  3. It’s so wonderful when the kiddos come home for the holidays–enjoy her!

  4. Kathy says:

    I just noticed the ‘stats’ thing about a month ago. (Yea, it takes me a while). Anyway, it really surprised me as to which posting had the most hits.

    I don’t think I could EVER blog every day — it would kill it for me, I think. I like to post when I have something to say. Writing an everyday post would be hard; reading one would be painful. 🙂

    Enjoy your scrapbooking retreat and your time with daughter.

  5. Patti says:

    So Kt’s comming home, goodie!! Tell her that I said hi! and I am still waiting for her college address, no address – no treats! You don’t have to blog every day – just cover all the good stuff happening in your life! Have a good – no make that great time on your special weekend, and having kt to come home to makes it perfect!

  6. CarolW says:

    After three nights trying to stay up to finish my book I don’t blame you for falling off the wagon. I’ve been horrible to live with and I really need a bath!

  7. Amanda D says:

    I think it totally works to post every day but weekends.

    Have fun on your scrapbooking retreat! And enjoy your daughter.

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