A Wayward Blogger’s Day Journal

With thanks to a Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my window…It’s a rare sunshiny day.  A few rays have made their way past our towering pines and are shining on my frost-coated deck, making it sparkle like diamonds. I look outside the front window and can’t help but grin at the blooming primroses and the daffodils that are pushing their way out of the earth. 

I am thinking…that my California blood must have finally thickened.  When I took Mimi to school this morning I thought it was probably chilly enough to grab a light jacket.  I had to laugh when I saw that it was 27 degrees.  A few years ago, I’d be wearing a parka, three pairs of socks and several scarves. 

I am hearing…the gentle hum of the heater and my puppy gnawing on one of his many toys. 

I am thankful for…today’s blue skies.  It’s such a nice change from our typical winter gray skies. They make me happy!

Toward a healthier me….I’m getting myself back into the habit of hitting the gym daily.  A few days off here and there had quickly snowballed into not going at all.  I seem to be in an all or nothing mode. 

Inspiring me this week…My door wreath.  I’m embarrassed to admit that my pine wreath from December is still there, but it’s still green and I like it! I got a crazy itch to try and make one, despite the last one I attempted several years ago was um…interesting…

From the kitchen…I’m trying to figure out what yummy chocolate treat to make with my parent/child cooking class on Friday.  It seems like a no-brainer, but all of my ideas seem to be too hard or too easy.  It needs to take about 45 minutes and be doable for a two year old.  Much easier said than done!

I am wearing…my yoga pants, a tee shirt and socks.  My shoes are lying on the floor in front of my chair where I kicked them off.  (I probably smell as I haven’t showered after the gym yet!)

I am creating…a year-long scrapbook of snippets of our daily lives.  (Project Life)  I’m veering towards scrapbooking again.  I took a very long break from it, and am having fun rediscovering what I enjoyed about it so much.

I am going…to meet one of my friends for lunch this afternoon.  I haven’t seen her for a couple weeks so this should be fun.

I am reading…a few different books. I always thought I was forever a “real” book kinda girl.  However, to my amazement I really like reading ebooks.  The only thing I dislike about it is not being able to browse through each to see how appealing it is to me.  Oh, and without the cover staring me in the face, I often don’t know the title of what I’m reading…just what it’s about!

A picture to share…I’ve been looking over my photos from year’s past and just opened it up to this one.  It’s of Mimi in the doctor’s office.  She obviously died from her ailment while we were waiting.  (You can tell because her tongue is sticking out.)

hodgepodge 050

Have a wonderful day!

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13 Responses to A Wayward Blogger’s Day Journal

  1. Christina says:

    As I read today’s post, a fond memory came to mind. I remember being at a cooking class as a little girl and pouring chocolate into shaped molds, adding a stick, and having created a chocolate lollipop. Since Valentines Day is right around the corner, heart shaped molds might be fun for your group. You could put a pretty cellophane wrapper over the pop and tie with a pretty-colored ribbon. What a nice gift for someone you love.

    • Susie says:

      I’m so glad I prodded a memory out of hiding for you.

      I’ll have to look into making those…it might be a good one to combine with something else. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Kathy says:

    And does Mimi know you’ve posted this? 🙂

  3. Pamela says:

    45 minutes? I can’t imagine keeping a 2 year old’s attention for more than 10~

  4. I love my eReader now–and the NookColor keeps the cover of the book you’re reading on the toolbar, so that’s convenient.

  5. Tylor says:

    27 degrees? That’s a heat wave compared to what it’s been here (between -5 and 7, I believe the windchill might have hit -20 at a couple points). And yet with that I still pretend we’re all tough and used to it when I talk to out-of-state people.

  6. Jay says:

    I would kill for 27 degrees right now.

    My mother has a Kindle and absolutely loves it. I tried it out for a few minutes, just to check it out and I loved it too!

  7. Amanda D says:

    I haven’t made the leap to ereader. I’m not sure I can do with out pages.
    I didn’t realize that you were a scrapbooker. I used to be but haven’t done much the last couple of years. Are you using Becky Higgin’s kit?
    Love the picture – when I pretend to die I always stick my tongue out. I wonder why we do that.

    • Susie says:

      I always thought that about the ereader too, but I love it! If you have a smart phone, download one of the readers then go find some free books to try out. It will take a couple days to get used to, but it’s really nice.

      I am using the kit…but the older red one. No idea about the tongue thing. I guess I never really thought about it!

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