It’s Alive!

(Be sure to read that title in your best Dr. Frankenstein shout of amazement, joy and wonder)

Yes, it really is me! (I was going to title this “Surprise!” but I’ve had the other title stuck in my head all day.) Don’t bother asking me where I’ve been.  I don’t think I could tell you. I keep meaning to sit down and write something, but my not so wonderful skill of procrastinating has been prevailing.  

I’ve recently come across a couple different blog posts that have stuck with me.  The first is a short, but very powerful article called, “She Left Proof”.   (If you avoid being in photos, you need to go read it. Be sure to grab tissue first.) was not so much about blogging, as much as letting yourself be photographed with your family.  I have to admit that over the years I have gained much more weight than I ever should’ve. And somewhere along the line, I have developed a really awkward camera smile.  In short, I don’t like the way that I look and do my best to avoid being in photos.  I seriously cringe whenever I see pictures of myself. 

The other was a video post about journaling.  It’s actually more like an infomercial for a particular journal, but it is so well done that I feel I need to share it. (It’s kinda long though) The video really made me think about how I need to get back to documenting all of the little things that go on in our lives.  It’s important. 

My first blog post was December 8, 2005.  Shaun had been trying to get me to start one before that, but I was being mule headed.  I was content to write my “little stories” as I called them and send them to friends and family members via email.  I’m not sure where the little stories are, but everything I’ve ever blogged about is in one spot.  I never really thought about it, but it’s my version of a journal.  (We aren’t going to talk about all the blank journals I have stashed around here!) I can go back at anytime and relive little things that I had forgotten about.  I love being able to do that.

The other day I read a blog post that basically said in order to write something, one has to do something.  That was never an issue for me. Things don’t have to be exciting for me to write about them. I’ve always been content to write about a new coffee mug or how very talented my puppy is. (Shaun is training him to be a Circus Puppy!)  Besides, it has been busy around here.  In the last two weeks I’ve traveled outside the state through a scary mountain pass despite avalanche warnings, had a makeover at a famed Spa, decided to become a farmer, been in a minor fender bender (with a scammer!), discovered that my child is a green-eyed pirate alien and well…all sorts of other exciting adventures.

I’m ready to start writing again.  My fingers are itching to spill out the words. 

To quote another movie because it also, has been going through my head. (be sure to use your best Old English Man accent) I’m not dead yet!

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