The Power of Hello

I was sitting impatiently patiently next to the pharmacy in our grocery store, waiting for a prescription that should have been ready when I got there.  To curb my annoyance and occupy myself, I took out my handy-dandy phone and started doing some Very Important Work.  (Checking your Facebook page is still considered important isn’t it?) I glanced up briefly when a little girl gnawing on a chunk of chicken plopped down on the brown vinyl chair beside me. 

As I continued focus on the screen of my phone, I could feel the girl’s eyes on me, ruining my concentration.   I looked up again and was greeted with a simple “hello” and a shy smile.  I couldn’t help but grin back at the girl. 


This is our dog Penny.  I know it looks like someone is about to be eaten, but this is how she smiles.  Really.

“Is that a touch screen phone?” she asked. 

I answered her and soon found myself in an engaging conversation with a nine year old.  As she giggled and answered the inane questions I tend to ask the very young, I felt my irritation at the pharmacy’s error fade away. 

All to soon, my new friend’s mother had finished her business with the pharmacist and was calling her daughter.   I was still smiling as I watched them walk away, chattering together, when I heard my name called. 

It would have been so easy for me to sit in that dingy waiting area, getting more and more upset at my perceived incompetence of the those filling the prescription that we needed. In all honestly, it wouldn’t have bothered them at all (Well, it may have bothered them I were inclined to throw a temper tantrum or have a hissy fit, but I rarely do that.)

What could have been a tedious wait for two separate people, turned into a delightful conversation for both of us.  It’s amazing to think that it was because of one little girl who knew the power of that one little word. Make sure you say “hello” to someone today.  Just to see what happens…

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